Server started.
Keira has connected.
DM: hey tyg
Keira: evening... be back shortly...
Wyrmling has connected.
Keira: so.. only a partial session, eh?
DM: yeah. depends on how long roleplaying goes
Wyrmling: Sup doods
Keira: evening wyrmling
Wyrmling: I'm going to be having dinner soon
Wyrmling: jsyk
DM: i maybe somehow could have come up with a fight, but i didn't have the time. i have a few fights planned, but they are after a point which all the players are necessary.
DM: if that at all makes sense
Wyrmling: Oh, we will tax your DM skills tonight, mark my words
DM: lovely
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Jshock: Hey howdy
Nissa: Heya
DM: yo
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Sepp: Hey Hey
DM: sepp
Keira swifty sketches a warding rune, which bolsters an ally
 Energy Conversion (Standard) Arcane
Target: Taus
Effect: The target gains resist 7 all against the triggering attack.
After the attack is resolved, the ally gains 7 temp hp
 Wizard's Escape (Immediate Interrupt)
Trigger: Nissa is hit by an attack.
Effect: Nissa teleports 5 squares to a space that is not adjacent to an enemy.
Nissa: I can never be harmed
DM: i hate
DM: that
Keira: hmm... I like your color tes-background better than mine
Nissa: it's maroon
DM: yeah. just have the table background as "maroon"
Keira tosses a small boomerang charged with protective energy
 Healing Infusion: Resistive Formula (Minor) Arcane
Target: Wing Cloak
Effect: The target gains a +1 power bonus to AC until the
end of the encounter, and I expend an infusion. The target
can end the bonus as a free action to gain temporary hit
points equal to its healing surge value + 3
Nissa: I should really add my item powers in here
DM: feel free
Nissa: Actually, I don't really have to
Nissa: Casque of Tactics we all know
Calden: all my items just add bonuss
Keira: ... why do I always seem to have a big thunderstorm on game days lately ... =/
Nissa: Lucky
Calden: I live in Florida.
Nissa: I want thunderstorms here
Calden: We have one everyday
DM: because you are one of the Chosen
Nissa: Ontario is the Thunderstorm capital of canada, but we've only had one this summer
Nissa: brb
Nissa: dinner
 Bracers of Mental Might (Free Action) Effect: Keira may use Intelligence instead of Strength for her next attack, Str-based skill check, or Strength check. Apply a 5 bonus to such a roll
 Bracers of Mental Might (Free Action)
Effect: Keira may use Intelligence instead of Strength for her next attack, Str-based skill check, or Strength check. Apply a 5 bonus to such a roll
 Treacherous Ice (Minor Action) • Personal
Effect: Until the stance ends, enemies can't shift into or out of squares adjacent to Calden.
Jshock: Brace yourselves
Sepp: None shall escape! Kwaahaha
Ignoble Escape (Move; Encounter)
Range: Personal
Taus shakes off his attacker and circles around for a better position.
Trained in Acrobatics.
Effect: If Taus is marked, end that condition. Taus may shift a number of squares equal to his speed.
DM: have you all ever heard of Colin Hay?
DM: the musician
 Bracers of Mental Might (Free Action)
Effect: Keira may use Intelligence instead of Strength for her next attack, Str-based skill check, or Strength check. Apply a 5 bonus to such a roll
Sepp: To google!
DM: he was the lead singer of Men at Work back in the 80s.
 Bracers of Mental Might (Free Action)
Effect: Keira may use Intelligence instead of Strength for her next attack, Str-based skill
check, or Strength check. Apply a 5 bonus to such a roll
Sepp: Ive heard of men at work
DM: he puts out acoustic albums now
DM: they're really good. listening to one now
DM: just thought i'd mention him. if you like acoustic guitar/folksey music, he's really good. he had a track on the Garden State soundtrack, which is how i found out about him
Sepp: I like the Dubliners
Sepp: Irish Folk Music.
Sepp: It's good stuff
DM: i like irish music. i'll check them out
Sepp: I like folk music in general
DM: me too
Jshock: Quickly! What's the russian equivalent in Eberron?
Sepp: Er...
DM: i just downloaded a new one from a dude back in the 60s named Nick Drake. he died of an OD. the song in the AT&T commercial where they're putting orange sheets over stuff around the country is his song
Sepp: well, the five nations are roughly Europe...
DM: i'd say Karrnath
Sepp: really?
Jshock: Brilliant, thanks... you'll see my madness in a bit here
Sepp: i'd have thought they where Germany
DM: well they have that eastern eurpean vampire thing going
Sepp: But the military culture, and such
DM: true
Sepp: I always thought Prussia
DM: i'm addicted to sudoku
Sepp: Hmm.
Sepp: WW1 Europe...
Sepp: I must ponder this more.
Sepp: Valener have hints of Cossaks.
DM: yeah
DM: that could be russia
DM: although they also have the turkish thing going
Sepp: true
Jshock: Here goes. Comedic gold ensuing.
Switcheroo (Move; at will)
Range: Close burst 1
In Karmath, target attacks YOU!
Target: You and one ally in burst.
Effect:Targets swap places.
Sepp: ha!
DM: heh
Jshock: Eh? Eh?
DM: we'll give you a B for effort
Jshock: Bah, no one appreciates art... :D
Nissa: back
Jshock: Gah, I should look at my character more often... Taus has slaying action, I could be doing the hurty dance on people with AP
Sepp: I thought you where
Sepp: Also, what did Cur take for L6?
Jshock: Nah, I think I've skipped some prime opportunities
DM: you could code it into your Action Point macro
Jshock: As a reminder? not bad
DM: i recommend liberal use of macros
DM: on my cleric i make macros to remind people of buffs on their turn
DM: i have a few, and really could use more
Sepp: I suck at coding. else I would
DM: well you could easily learn how to do simple reminder macros
Nissa: Well with that attitude, of course you're gonna suck a coding
Nissa: at*
DM: pwned
Sepp: sorry. I was distracted by the awesomeness of Omnislash Version 6
DM: understandable
Sepp: Anyway, yeah, I should learn it
Sepp: But, we have RP to do!
DM: once the aussie gets in here
DM: he's online
Nissa: I told him to get on maptools
Nissa: in all caps
Nissa: for emphasis
Jshock: That'll help
Sepp: Did he level Cur up?
DM: he made decisions i think
Keira sketches out a swift series of draconic runes
 Prestidigitation (Minor) Arcane, Conjuration
Effect: Chill; warm; or flavor up to 1 pound of nonliving material for up to 1 hour.
Special: You can have as many as three prestidigitation effects active at one time.
* Keira makes some tea...
DM: nice
Sepp: oh, he posted it
Sepp: That's a nice power
DM: did he do the mass heal?
DM: o wait. that's lvl 5
DM: wow. that is a nice power
Sepp: Reoriant the Axis
DM: yeah. crazy mobility
Sepp: Close Burst 5, all allies Shift = to Int Mod (4)
Jshock: Nice
Xie has connected.
Sepp: Hey, Xie
Jshock: Speak of the devil!
Nissa: Wow, you get on right when I type in "u suk"
Xie: Hey guys, sorry I'm late
DM: hey christie. you can take a few minutes to update your token, and then we can get started
Nissa: Way to make me look bad, man
Xie: My housemate got me talking about the LHC and other physics stuff over breakfast
Nissa: Is it running?
Nissa: I forget.
Xie: Probably not
Sepp: And, you have a grasping javilin +2 by the way. So, your wishlist is not totally empty
Xie: Sweet!
Nissa: I sorta know a scientist who's working on it.
Sepp: *now
Nissa: She's cool
Xie: Thanks Keira!
Xie: Who I assume is responsible?
Nissa: We're buddies.
Nissa: So we're close
DM: and remember to add your weapon expertise bonus to all your sword powers
Keira: technically, we need to leave the cogs and give Keira a full day to do all the work
Nissa: But, no, I don't think so
Sepp: Right, but DM said add them to the tokens now
DM: right, but there won't be anymore fighting. unless someone unties Tikulti and puts a sword in his hand
Jshock: I was going to ask; is there an easy way to add my weapon focus to my sword?
Xie: And by that you mean tick the "Weapon Expertise Feat" button in Equip Weapons
Xie: Tempting...
DM: I could make a property Jshock, with a formula
Xie: You would still need to update your macros
Jshock: True
DM: but i can make a one and done for the whole career
Sepp: *sigh* The ranger has 3 more AC then me...
Jshock: Not a biggie right now, if there's no combat this session
Nissa: What!? how?
Nissa: WHat's your AC?
Calden: 20
Nissa: Hahahaha I even have better AC
Calden: You only need 1 stat
Jshock: Dude, that's 1 above me, and I'm not even trying
 Reorient the Axis (Move) Martial, Burst 5
Effect: Each ally within the burst may shift 9 squares as a free action.
Nissa: Whaaaaaa?
Nissa: 9?
Cur: (( Like my new utility? ))
Calden: I don't think that's right...
Cur: (( Hahaha ))
DM: alright, use the property WeaponFocus in your damage rolls. it should work out and change as you level up
Cur: (( Sorry, its meant to be 5 ))
Nissa: That's what I thought
Jshock: Cool
Cur: (( I added my Int mod twice XD ))
Nissa: Smart
 Reorient the Axis (Move) Martial, Burst 5
Effect: Each ally within the burst may shift 5 squares as a free action.
Cur: (( There we go ))
Taus: 1
Taus's new level is 11.
Taus: 2
Taus's new level is 20.
Taus: 2
Taus's new level is 21.
Taus: 3
Taus's new level is 6.
Calden: If I wasn't human, it'd be 21...
Cur: (( It was that or Rousing Words which grants an ally TWO healing surges... Tempting, especially with the battle standard... ))
Keira: I hope people will like my 'off turn' dmg prevention power...
Keira swifty sketches a warding rune, which bolsters an ally
 Energy Conversion (Standard) Arcane
Target: Taus
Effect: The target gains resist 7 all against the triggering attack.
After the attack is resolved, the ally gains 7 temp hp
DM: yup. it works. so everyone can use that property if you have the feat in your damage rolls
Calden: But, really. Hide scales slower. Hence DR and massive HP
Jshock: 1, 2, 3! 3 weapon focus! Ah ah ah!
Nissa: Awesome.
DM: i raised your level before each roll to see if it worked out. it does
Cur: That's cool ^_^
Nissa: So when are we getting this show on the road?
Calden: That's an Immidiate, not a Standard, right?
Vent Info
Port: 4737
Password: playtime
Keira swifty sketches a warding rune, which bolsters an ally
 Energy Conversion (Immeditate Interrupt) Arcane
Target: Wing Cloak
Effect: The target gains resist 7 all against the triggering attack.
After the attack is resolved, the ally gains 7 temp hp
Keira: ^ fixed
Keira: (rdy)
 Reorient the Axis (Move) Martial, Close Burst 5
Target: Each ally in burst.
Effect: Each target may shift 5 squares as a free action.
As the dust settles, you hear Gydd crying softly. She is dirty and haggard, but looks otherwise unharmed. Sitting upon a black cloth on the dais are four items: a circlet, a gold cord, and two gems. They are the missing fragments of the Ashen Crown.
* Cur nudges Keira
Cur: "Go... say something nice..."
Calden whispers: Where is the Weapon Focus option?
* Nissa comforts Gydd.
You whisper to Sepp: you just code it into all your damage rolls. just add +WeaponFocus
* Calden makes sure the elf is dead.
* Keira had already untied Gydd and was tending to any injuries
Calden whispers: ahha
Cur: (( kk ^_^ ))
Demise takes one final breath, and then dies.
Gydd Nephret is no longer restrained.
* Jshock hops off the sarcophogus before he steps on something valuable
Gydd Nephret: “I can’t believe you came. She said she was going to kill me after she dealt with you. That she’d turn me into a zombie. I was so scared.”
Nissa: Well, we don't have to worry about her anymore.
Cur: "So... Look at all these... priceless... artifacts..."
* Keira hugs Gydd and pat her hair gently, "There...there..."
* Cur scowls at the Ashen Crown fragments
Gydd Nephret: "I'm so glad you came, Nissa. How did you meet these adventurers?"
* Gydd Nephret smiles at Keira.
* Taus marvels at their glowing glowyness
Calden: Not to interupt, but one of you should make sure this ritual is inactive.
Taus: 'Ooooh..."
Nissa: I went looking for them, because I'd heard that they were the ones looking for you
Cur: "Yeah... someone should get right on that," Cur says distractedly.
Keira: "And one of you boys shold make sure the traitor is still secure."
Nissa: Now, that wasn't exactly true...but you're safe now, and that's all that matters.
Gydd Nephret: "They kidnapped me a little more than a week ago. The elf kept asking me questions about the Ashen Crown."
Gydd Nephret: "She said that once I told her all I needed, she was going to kill me."
Calden: The faster we clean this up, the sooner we can get out. I'm sure she doesn't want to be down here any longer then necessary.
Gydd Nephret: "Did you notice I was missing, Nissa?"
Cur: "Alright. We take a piece each. For security."
* Keira turned to observe the ritual area and determine if anything needs to be done to disipate lingering energies...
* Taus holds one of the fist sized gems up to the light, then raises an eyebrow at Cur
Keira: Arcana Check: 32
Nissa whispers: What do you mean by missing?
Taus: "Dibs."
You whisper to Keira: You could wipe away the residuum that has been used to empower the ritual.
Calden: *eyes the pair*
You whisper to Wyrmling: missing from her apartment
Calden: We can't keep them, Taus.
You hear a shuffling at the door where you entered.
Govaan is visible to players.
Olaakki is visible to players.
Cur: "So that if one of us gets robbed, we've only the one piece to recover..." Cur says carefully.
* Taus looks pained
Nissa: Of course I did!
A small figure enters the doorway—a goblin. Right behind it comes a hobgoblin dressed in the robes of a priest—a priest of the Sovereign Host.
Olaakki: “We meet again my friends. You have done well.”
* Keira leaves Gydd with Nissa, and starts dusting away spent residuum and collecting any that is salvagable from th circle area...
The priest who started you on this grand quest stands along with the Kech Volaar goblin who was missing after Tikulti murdered the rest. He looks very much alive.
* Nissa turns to see the goblins
Calden: You didn't untie anyone on your way here, did you?!
Olaakki: "Do not fear. The changeling is still incapacitated."
* Calden sighs with relief
Olaakki: “I found Govaan in Malleon’s Gate after he arrived on the airship this afternoon. We came here immediately. I had hoped to find you, rather than the Emerald Claw zealots.”
Gydd Nephret: "Keira! Wait!"
Govaan: “The traitor turned on us while we were in Murkoorak’s tomb in Graywall. I don’t know what poison he used on us, but even Akitani succumbed without a fight. I thank the ancient ones that I saw him draw his vial just before he threw it to the ground. I alerted Yeraa, but it was too late. I was able to get away, and I hid in the tunnels. I suppose Tikulti thought me harmless and did not try to find me. May his spirit be cursed.”
Calden: We left the zealots bodies where they fell.
* Cur looks sadly between the fragments and the Kech Volaar representatives.
* Keira pauses what she's doing atr Gydd's remark...
* Taus taps Cur on the shoulder, then points at one of the head sized crystals set into the hobgoblin statue's eyes
* Govaan looks up at Olaakki.
* Cur looks pensive
Govaan: "Silent bunch."
* Taus shrigs
Cur: "Sorry friend, it was a wearying battle..."
Calden: Keep clear of the circle, we are trying to dispel it.
Cur: "I for one am glad you survived Tikulti's treachery!"
Nissa: Whats wrong Gydd?
Olaakki: "Dispel it? Why?"
Calden: It was part of a ritual the Emerald Claw was performing.
Gydd Nephret: "The ritual that Demise was preparing was the Rite of Arkantaash. The ancient rite for conjoining the fragments of the Ashen Crown."
Olaakki: "Indeed. That is what she was doing. But for her own purposes."
Olaakki: "And what are your purposes?"
Cur: "So it was... I guess we need to... do the same...?"
* Olaakki looking at the heroes.
Nissa: Well, as much as Morgrave would benefit from having such an artifact in our university
* Keira holds the Blade out before her, assessin gits...mood
Nissa: It rightfully belongs to your kind.
You whisper to Keira: It clearly wishes to be joined with its 'brethren'
Calden: Just so.
Cur: "We had a deal."
* Taus silently mouths the word "noooo..."
Keira: "Well, the Blade wants to be joined back into the Crown at any rate."
Olaakki: "You are able to perform the ritual, my dear?"
* Olaakki looking at Gydd.
Gydd Nephret: “Uh… the Rite of Arkantaash? Yes. I suppose I could.”
* Keira moves to place the Blade with the other fragments
Gydd Nephret walks up to the sarcophagus where a book lies open. She adjusts her glasses and reads the text.
* Cur looks sadly at Taus, and shakes his head, eyes cast to the ground
Gydd Nephret: “I hate to use this vile book, but she did copy this ritual from my notes.”
* Calden stays out of the way
* Taus is in mourning
Gydd studies for a few minutes and then brings the book and the Ashen Crown fragments over to the ritual circle..
Cur: "I'm going to... check... security..."
Gydd Nephret: “Uh… Keira, it is, correct?”
* Cur mutters and wanders to the door
Keira: "I'll mke you something nice later, Taus," seh tells the crestfallen man
Taus: "Yeah..."
* Taus sulks off with Cur
Keira: "Yes dear?" she replies to Gydd, questioningly
Gydd Nephret: "I would appreciate your assistance. Yours too, Nissa."
Nissa: Of course.
* Cur checks to make sure there are no bad men around looking to seal the Crown
Calden: I expected more of a protest from Taus, frankly. *to the pair*
Keira: "Cur.. Calden.. the body?" points at Demise
Gydd Nephret: "First, we'll need to rework the ritual circle there."
* Gydd Nephret points to where Keira had muffed the circle.
Gydd Nephret: "Can you repair that? Both of you? I will work on preparing the words."
Keira: * nods *
Calden: Is it in the way? *doesn't look thrilled to move it*
Nissa: Sure.
* Gydd Nephret hands Demise's ritual book to Keira.
Nissa: Arcana Check: 26
Keira: "she's a necromancer. I wouldn't want her spirit somehow infused into the crown."
Keira: Arcana Check: 19
* Nissa attempts to fix the circle.
Calden: *grumble*
Gydd Nephret: "That shouldn't be an issue. She simply copied my notes on the rite."
* Calden drags the body
You take a number of minutes, but you are able to remake the circle, drawing the runes perfectly.
Keira: whispers to the girls, "Got to keep those boys out of trouble." * wink *
* Calden dumps the body
Taus: "Yep."
Along with many dark necromantic rites, there is a copy of Duplicate and Unseen Servant rituals in Demise’s ritual book sitting on the sarcophagus, as well as a leather pouch full of residuum (1450gp worth) that she was using for the ritual.
Calden: They didn't want it getting in the way.
Cur: "Having said that..."
* Cur starts as Calden enters
Calden: (the body of Demise)
Gydd Nephret: “There now. Simply stand in the circle during the ritual, and join the pieces in the following order: Karruuk’s Circlet, Lurtaan’s Cord, Ashurta’s Blade, Murkoorak’s Orb, and then Zaarani’s Solitaire. Their exact placement will become obvious to you as you sense the dweomer. I have faith in you.”
* Gydd Nephret smiles at Keira.
Keira: (besides, you can use demise's body to help... question.. tikulti )
Taus: "That statue... it didn't trigger the second time."
Gydd begins to read from the book out loud in her soft voice. The ritual circle drawn with the components begins to glow brightly. As it does so, Gydd’s voice grows in volume until it fills the hall and your ears. As the ritual proceeds, it becomes clear to Keira’s trained eye when to conjoin the fragments. Finally, Zaarani’s Solitaire is added, and there is a dull hum that resounds in the room. Each of you feel the blood rush in your veins, and you sense the very power of life and death wash over you. Held gingerly in Keira’s hands is the Ashen Crown—an artifact of incredible age, history, and power.
Cur: "True... Worth a try, right?"
Taus: "BIG glowy crystals."
Calden: Is he awake?
Olaakki: “It is done.”
Cur: "Oh, we're missing the action..."
* Nissa gasps at the crowns beauty
* Cur rushes back in time to see the Crown reform'd (( ^_^ ))
Taus: 'Anything explode?
Olaakki: “And now, what is to be done with the Ashen Crown? What are your intentions, heroes? Will you honor the spirit of Yeraa and her companions? If so, Govaan will bear the Crown to Tuura, the clan leader of the Kech Volaar. She is a woman who would see the glory of Dhakaan returned to Darguun, but not in a manner that would threaten neighboring nations. What say you? The fate of the Crown, and of goblinkind, is in your hands.”
Keira: "My illusions of it didn't do it enough justice..."
Calden: As they said, it isn't our crown...
Keira: "Well, one of the leading powers in Sharn prefers the Kech Volaar to secure the crown.. so they can build a more friendly neighbor I imagine."
* Olaakki looks to Keira to see what she will do with the artifact.
Cur: "We had a deal. The Kech Volaar get the Crown."
Gydd Nephret: "It's... it's... just beautiful"
* Calden tries not to stare at the crown
Nissa: It really is..
Calden: Right. That was our deal, and we honor it.
* Keira digs a piece of silk out of her bags (which she normally uses during her own ritual work), gently wraps up the crown and presents it to Govaan
Govaan steps forward tenatively.
* Taus tries not to think about how much he can hawk the crown for
Keira: "I think you have a quest to complete, Yes?"
Govaan: “I thank you. I will return this to Huurgan and Tuura. They will be pleased that you honor the spirits of the kings.”
Govaan takes the Ashen Crown and places it gingerly in his pack. He salutes you and then quickly leaves the burial chamber, headed for the light of day.
Govaan is hidden from players.
Cur: "Are your travel arrangements secure?"
Keira: "If you could just send worl to (insert the king citadel guy's name) and clear our name fulkly, we'd appreciate it."
Olaakki: “Your quest is complete. I believe the Brelish man awaits your arrival with the changeling. Until we meet again.”
Calden: Lets hope they are.
Olaakki is hidden from players.
Cur: "Well Demise won't be giving him trouble..."
* Cur scoffs
* Keira takes Gydd's hand... "Not often a scholar gets to MAKE history, no?"
Taus: "Right... are they gone?"
* Taus peeks down the corridor
Gydd Nephret: "This is more than I could have ever imagine! I am flabbergasted in every way."
Calden: Somehow I doubt that's all we'll see of the Emerald Claw.
Cur: "There's no greater treasure in Eberron than the feeling of a job well done Tau- Oh right... I'll give you a leg up!"
You whisper to Jshock: You see the old hobgoblin walking away.
* Taus sizes up the statue, determining the best way to climb it
Keira: * slight tug * "C'mon, let's get out of the dark places and back to the light of day."
Taus: Athletics Check: 12
Taus: *oof!*
Taus: Makes a Saving Throw and... Saves!
* Nissa watches CUr and Taus' attempts and laughs to herself.
Calden: You two need a hand?
Cur: Athletics Check: 25
Cur: "Toss me up a rope and I'll tie it up..."
* Cur ties a rope to the statues head and tosses it down for Taus
You are able to pry loose two large amber gems, each worth 100gp.
* Taus climbs up starts looking over the wards
* Calden shakes his head at the pairs antics
Taus: "Hmm, they looked better from down here..."
Cur: (( 200gp... Almost not worth desecrating an ancient hobgoblin's tomb... ))
Gydd Nephret: "As much as I'd love to stay and study these ruins, I'm hungry and tired. Can we leave?"
Cur: "Alright, let's go...."
Taus: (( almos ))
Calden: Of course.
Taus: "JURGEN!!!!"
Gydd Nephret is hidden from players.
Jurgen is hidden from players.
Calden: Let's get our prisoner back to the good Captian.
Keira: "It's your imagination, taus. That';s just some random dwarf."
Tikulti is hidden from players.
Taus: "Oh... Oh yeah, right..."
Tikulti gives you no resistance as you emerge from the ruins into the Cogs and up to the city above.
You return to the Citadel compound with the treacherous Tikulti, and are escorted immediately to Captain Kalaes’ office, where the man is sitting at his desk penning a letter.
* Captain Kalaes stands.
Captain Kalaes: “So, the prodigal returns.”
Tikulti: “Spare me the sanctimony, Saj. You know as well as I do that everyone in this business is dirty.”
Captain Kalaes: “Yes, but not everyone betrays the crown of Breland. You have many crimes to answer for, Tikulti. I doubt that is worth whatever the Claw was going to offer you.”
Calden: Alive, as promised. Barely.
Tikulti: “Worth it?!”
* Tikulti laughs.
Tikulti: “I think eternal life is worth it, you idiot. Demise promised that I would be transformed for my service, and she had the power to do it. Was it worth it…”
Keira: "Job done. A surviving Kech Volaar has the Crown itself."
Captain Kalaes: "You have done well."
Sentries enter the room.
Captain Kalaes: “Take this man away and keep him in solitary. We don’t need him impersonating another prisoner. Luckily for you, Tikulti, you’re in Breland and will receive a fair trial. But given what you’ve done, I wouldn’t hold out too much hope.”
The sentries begin to take Tikulti out of the room, and he turns and stares at you all. Burning hatred flares in his black eyes.
* Cur waves
Calden: What's the punishment for treason, anyway?
Calden: *smirks at the changeling*
Tikulti: “Beware, my friends. You’ve made dear enemies of the Emerald Claw.”
They leave the room.
* Captain Kalaes watches them leave.
Captain Kalaes: "I'm sure his fate will be the gallows, but who knows what Kor will decide. As I said, he'll get a fair trial."
Calden: *nods*
Captain Kalaes: "You've certainly proven your innocence. And salvaged this mission."
Captain Kalaes: “And what of the Ashen Crown? I assume you recovered the fragments?”
Cur: "I never doubted us."
Calden: And repaired it.
Captain Kalaes: "Do you have it?"
Keira: "The Kech VOlaar do."
Captain Kalaes: "Really? I thought they had perished."
Cur: "Not all."
* Taus looks like he's pondering something
Calden: Enough remain.
* Taus shakes off the thought
Captain Kalaes: "Ah. Fair enough. I trust it is on its way out of the city and to Darguun in proper hands."
Captain Kalaes: “And as they say, that is that. I must thank you for your loyal service to King Boranel and Breland. Word of your heroics will be sent to the king, I assure you. And if you wish a career in this line of work, I would be happy to recruit you into the King’s Swords. You’ve certainly shown your mettle.”
Calden: My loyalties are with House Denieth, but the offer is appriciated.
* Cur raises an eyebrow
Nissa: (( Woah, the swords, do we want in? ))
Nissa: (( Nvm ))
* Captain Kalaes nods at Calden.
Calden: (( you guys can ))
Taus: "I'm more of a lone wolf."
Calden: (( Calden is a Sentinal Marshal, I don' t think he can be both ))
Cur: "We'll be sure to carefully consider your generous offer..."
Captain Kalaes: “Well no reward was negotiated, but I have one to offer nonetheless.”
* Captain Kalaes opens a drawer to his desk and takes out a purse filled with coins.
* Calden rolls his eyes at Taus' comment
The purse is filled with 12 platinum dragons (pp).
Congratulations! You have completed a major quest. You each receive 200 experience points.
Cur: "Huzzah!"
Nissa: I might just have to take you up on your offer Kalaes.
Nissa: But I'll have to think about it.
Captain Kalaes: "Well come and see me if you do. My door is always open to you all."
Calden: It is good to know, Captain.
Cur: "We'll be looking for more work soon, but for now I think we can afford some rest!"
Cur: "It has been an especially long day..."
Captain Kalaes: "Well you certainly deserve it."
Calden: And, of course, if you ever need a Marshals aid, you know whom to ask for.
Captain Kalaes: "You'll have to excuse me, but I have some matters to attend to. Please. Enjoy the city and get some rest."
* Cur neatly and sharply salutes Captain Kalaes
* Captain Kalaes smiles and then sits at his desk and starts looking through paperwork.
* Cur then leaves
Calden: Of course. I have someone to meet. *grins*
* Calden leaves as well
Cur: (( Nudge nudge wink wink? ))
Taus: (( Say no more! ))
* Nissa parts as well
Nissa: (( OMG IS IT SARI? ))
Nissa: (( ))
Nissa: (( It wouldn't really make sense for me to be part of the swords though huh? I'd fit in better in the wands ))
Sepp: (( was that to me? ))
Nissa: (( I don't know, thinking out loud ))
Sepp: (( Cause, no, Calden isn't meeting Sari ))
Cur: "If anyone wants to join me in the tavern..."
Nissa: (( oh that XD ))
Nissa: I think I will retire to my study tonight, but thank you for the offer.
Calden whispers: What is the officers name who has our gold for Jurgen? I can't seem to find it
After debriefing with Captain Kalaes, the Chosen of the Gray Mist makes their way out of the Citadel headquarters in Sharn, and each heads off for a little R&R after weeks of constant travel and action...
* Keira hefts the bag of looted Residuum..
* Cur tries to hide his dissappointment
Keira: "Looks like some crafting is on the menu..."
Taus: "Bah, bookworms! No fun."
You whisper to Sepp: you would see one of the administrators in your House enclave. i'll deal with that soon.
Calden: I'll see you all soon enough...
Calden: I have House business, or else I'd join you two.
Nissa: I'll have you know that I don't spend all my time buried in books!
Keira: * later, Keira bumps into Taus and hands him some fancy spectacles. *
Taus: "Really?"
Nissa: ...Just most of it.
Taus: "Oooh, just like I always wanted!"
Cur: "Hey Keira! Nice work... Put 'em on Taus!"
You whisper to Sepp: I have a scenario for just that. I'll start with you in a few minutes.
Calden whispers: Sure!
Cur: (( Assuming Cur is celebrating with Taus ))
* Taus now looks a bit like Alucard
Calden: (( Taus is a lone wolf! He celebrates alone! ))
Cur: (( Hahahaha ))
* Nissa says her goodbyes and parts from the group
* Taus is strictly down with the ladies.
DM: I have a conversation via PMs he had that proves it.
Calden: ....
Keira whispers: keira looks forward to a nice massge from her roomater after she's done some enchanting/disenchating/transfering for the day
Calden: (( TMI!!! ))
Taus: (( yeah, might have to bust that out soon; depends on how the side quest goes\ ))
You whisper to Keira: such a lezporn addict aren't you.
Cur: (( You should change your token to Alucard XD ))
Cur: (( Or photoshop on some wicked shaded specs... We all know you can ))
Keira whispers: I wouldn't go so far as to say addict, but
Taus: (( hmmm. do dual hand crossbows work as a build? ))
Nissa: (( only if you're a drow ))
* Calden Calden goes to find some Sentinals to spar with. Because being a Sentinal is Serious Business
Calden: (( and not so good even then ))
Calden: (( mechanically, anyway ))
Nissa: (( yeah, pretty much ))
DM: and it doesn't really work flavorwise in eberron with drow
Calden returns to the Deneith enclave in Dragon Towers. The reward for turning in Jurgen still remains uncollected, and the young Sentinel Marshal’s bed is calling. A good night’s sleep will be welcome. Two blademarks stand guard at the entrance.
Cur: "Oh, Keira, while you're at it, get me a refill..."
Nissa: (( so in short, no. ))
Taus: (( I just came up with a better shoop idea than Alucard, actually. Post in a bit. ))
Blademark: “Good day, Marshal. It is good to have you back.”
Cur: (( of Potion of Clarity ))
Calden: It's good to be back.
Blademark: “Sorghan has been looking for you. I believe he is in the courtyard, practicing his forms.”
Calden: Ah, thank you Blademark
You whisper to Sepp: Sorghan d’Deneith is a fellow Sentinel Marshal stationed in Sharn. He is not from a favored part of the House—his father was a life-long blademark that served in Darguun at the Gathering Stone. He died in the war. Sorghan has worked his way up the ranks of the House through hard work and ruthless efficiency at his job. You know him to be a discompassionate man, if not cruel, and rumors swirl around him that too many of his marks come in dead. He is one of the best Marshals with a sword, and for that reason he has always garnered your respect.
You whisper to Sepp: as a reminder
Later that day while strolling the streets of Upper Menthis near Morgrave University, Keira happens to see a childhood friend whom she has seen from time to time in Sharn. Her name is Mirna, a distant cousin, and born into one of the more privileged parts of House Cannith. Mirna was always accepting and kind to Keira, though, despite Keira’s lesser pedigree.
The enclave is tastefully austere, as most Deneith residences tend to be, but like most dragonmarked enclaves, the décor is some of the finest to be found in Khorvaire. In the middle of the edifice is a sprawling courtyard. Statues of historical Deneith figures are spaced around the columns holding up the building. And here and there, men and women practice martial arts, using practice swords or hand-to-hand. Calden sees Sorghan among them, making an example of a young blademark with a practice sword. The elder Sentinel Marshal is one of the most skilled in the House, and he enjoys reminding his pupils of that fact.
DM: ignore the first.. sry
* Calden heads out to meet the Sentinal
Keira: "You've got money, Cur. Just buy one... or more. We can save the regs for other things."
Sorghan: “If you ever plan on surviving in Droaam, you better learn to keep your sword up.”
Sorghan feints a step to the left of the young man, and then punishes him badly for a poor reaction, sending the blademark to the ground screaming in pain.
Sorghan: “Ha! Somebody clean up this mess.”
Sorghan throws down the wooden practice sword and walks to an attendant to get a drink of water and wipe down with a towel.
* Calden moves after Sorghan, watching the young blademark
Sorghan: “There you are Calden. Back from the wilderness, eh? I don’t know how anyone can be stationed in that Host-forsaken city.”
Calden: *nods* Yes, Ser Sorghan... It's an ugly town, but someone needs to do the work.
Nissa: (( Fanfic time, go! ))
Sorghan: "True enough. I did my time out there. Never want to go back, that's for sure."
* Calden is a bit tounge tied around the famous Marshal
Sorghan: "Sharn is a much better duty if you ask me."
Sorghan: “So I heard you picked up that aberrant. Good work.”
Calden: I have to disagree with there, Ser. I much prefer the wields of the wood to cities.
* Calden flushes
You know he'd be referring to Jurgen.
Calden: Thank you. I had help, of course. Some ex allies of the abberrant
Sorghan: "You'll eventually learn. The ladies in Sharn are much finer than any you'll find in Graywall."
* Sorghan chuckles.
* Calden grins
Sorghan: "They have allies? Well I suppose 'ex' is appropriate."
Calden: *nods* Old ones, from before he was marked. He betrayed them, of course.
Sorghan: "They seem to only attract thier own kind though."
Sorghan: “I can’t stand touching them. Killing them makes it worth it, I suppose. Barely…”
Sorghan: “I tried to convince Brion to torture the vermin for more information on where we can find more of them. It seems like they’re breeding faster than rats. But he won’t hear of it. Says the dwarf has to go to the Sharn Watch. Horseshit if you ask me.”
Calden: Indeed. It's the only 'cure'.
Reminder: Brion d'Deneith is the lead Sentinel Marshal in Sharn.
Sorghan: "Aye. It is the only way."
Calden: Well, we can't disobey orders. But... I did learn a few things from him on the trip back. Be assured they'll be investigated thouroughly.
* Sorghan raises an eyebrow.
Calden whispers: nice reminders
Sorghan: "What did you learn?"
Nissa: (( LOL @ Taus ))
Cur: (( XD ))
Calden: (( checks logs ))
Calden: Where he was going to meet others like him... he didn't want to, but they had him scared.
You whisper to Sepp: He was to meet someone called the Shepherd in Khyber's Gate. That's all you could extract from him on House Tarkanan.
Sorghan: "Meet others, eh? Did he mention where?"
Calden: Khyber's Gate. The contact was called 'the Sheperd', if that means anything.
You whisper to Sepp: Khyber's Gate is a slum in the city
Sorghan: "Interesting..."
Calden whispers: I found it, and yes, I remembered
Sorghan: "Makes sense the vermin would come from the Lower City."
Calden: At least, that they would gather there.
Sorghan: "Damnit, but I wish I could work the dwarf over. But Brion will have none of it. He's going soft."
Sorghan: “Between you and me, I think it’s time Brion was sent out to Darguun. The twins have a better idea of how things should be run here in Sharn. Especially with these aberrants spreading like a plague.”
You whisper to Sepp: The ‘twins’ you know to be Lalia and Tasra, brother and sister who serve as Sentinel Marshals here in Sharn as well. They are next in line behind Brion, and they are often at odds with him, especially over his seeming allegiance to Breland at the expense of the House.
Sorghan: “I hope you realize which way the wind is blowing, my young friend.”
Calden: Er... If you say so, Ser. I'd rather just do my job then worry about who gives the orders. But have no fear about my loyalties.
Sorghan: "You'll go far with that attitude."
* Sorghan slaps Calden strongly on the shoulder.
Sorghan: "Well we'll have to talk more about this aberrant later. Maybe something can be done yet. But for now back to practice."
Sorghan: "Somebody find me a blademark worth fighting!"
Calden: Thank you, Ser... and if there is anyone else on the wanted list that needs questioning before we turn them in... Well, my allies have skills.
Sorghan walks off to practice more.
* Sorghan smiles and nods to Calden.
Calden whispers: did he give me the gold for the prisoner?
Calden finds his room and later enjoys a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow he’ll have to see the enclave treasurer for the reward.
The group receives 200gp
You whisper to Sepp:
* Calden stays to watch Ser Sorghans moves
* Calden Calden hopes to pick up some pointers
Cur: (( Yay for Calden's sidequest getting us money ))
Meanwhile, at Morgrave University, Nissa returns to the academic community of Shava House where some of the faculty permanently lives. On the way to her apartment, she sees a small group of students surrounding Gydd Nephret in the small park there.
Gydd: “The tomb was fascinating! I was tied up to one of the columns, and I had a thorough view of the sarcophagus. The detail on the frieze was exquisite! I’m hoping to lead an expedition down there next week.”
Nissa: Oh hey Gydd!
Gydd: “Oh! Nissa. There you are.”
* Gydd turns to the students.
Gydd: “Would you believe Professor Carolden came down with the heroes? Ingenious strategy. What better way to study ruins than traveling with those who clear them?”
Gydd: "I commend your bravery and ingenuity, Nissa. The students could learn much from you."
Student: “Were the runes in post-daelkyr script or classical goblin, Professor Carolden?”
Nissa: Well, it was more to save you, than to observe the ruins, but yes, it was ingenious wasnt it.
* Nissa smiles.
* Gydd chuckles.
You whisper to Wyrmling: It was classical goblin script.
Nissa: (( I'm assuming classic goblin? ))
DM: ((yes))
Nissa: It was all classic goblin.
Gydd: "You wouldn't believe how well it was preserved, students."
Nissa: Unfortunately I'm unable to read it, or I'd share with you all what it said.
* Gydd smiles at Nissa.
Gydd: “Those mercenaries are wonderful people, Nissa. Especially that Keira. I’ve never met an explorer so knowledgeable about what they were exploring. Most of the sell-swords the University hires are little more than criminals. But not these. The school should hire them on a Xen’drik expedition.”
Taus: (( well preserved, except for the bits we carved out and took ))
Nissa: Yeah, most of them have good intentions
Gydd: "Are you planning on traveling with them more? Or do your responsibilities here require your time?"
Nissa: Yes, adventurers like these are ones I believe I could learn a lot from.
Gydd: "Speaking of that, how is your class on Galifar I going?"
Galifar I was the first king of the united Galifar Kingdom that reigned over Khorvaire for centuries.
Nissa: Oh, well, understandably I had to put it on haitus when I was tasked to finding you.
Gydd: "I'm sure your students miss you."
Gydd: “Well I hope that you will come to my Dhakaani Era class and share some of your experiences with the Kech Volaar and Arkantaash.”
Nissa: Hopefully another professor could fill my absence.
Nissa: Of course I would. I'd be honoured.
Gydd: "Well students, I need my rest after the enlightening and grueling experience. I'm sure Professor Carolden does as well."
The students disperse, and Gydd says farewell to Nissa.
Nissa: Yes yes, it's been a long few hours
Gydd: "Good bye, Nissa. Sleep well."
Nissa: You too.
Nissa makes her way to her apartment and starts to unlock the door. Inside, she can hear her songbird—a rare yellow-speckled parrot from Xen’drik—singing the old childhood song she taught it to sing. The nursery rhyme about the troll who climbs in the bedroom window to eat naughty little gnomes that steal.
As Nissa enters her apartment, the bird stops singing. With a word of command, she fills the dark living room with light. Looking around, all is in order, but something doesn’t feel quite right.
Give me an Arcana check, wyrmling.
* Nissa readies her staff
Nissa: Arcana Check: 33
* Nissa draws her dagger.
Nissa: What's protocol in this sort of situation?
Nissa: (( There's a bunch of secret stuff going on ))
Keira: (welll.. if it's students playing apractical joke... hunt them done, tun them into ferrets, and levitate them up and down in the air... and call it "teaching" )
DM: werd
Nissa: Any idea who it could be?
The bird has changed its tune. The breeze ruffles papers on Nissa's desk.
Nissa: Good idea.
* Keira wonders why calden's vignette was in the open, but nissa's is all quiet
Nissa: (( Shhhh ))
DM: well really she's just standing there holding her dagger. she's said those few statements. that's all that's 'happening'. you're missing none of the show
* Nissa opens her door slowly
DM: the only thing you're missing are the thoughts in her mind
Nissa: (( What do I see? ))
* Calden wonders that to
The room looks undisturbed and as Nissa left it.
A desk is in the living room, as well as a sofa and easy chair. A mirror stands on the far side of the room-- an antique Nissa acquired from Cyre before the Mourning.
* Nissa sighs
* Nissa points her staff at the mirror and sends a bolt of arcana through it.
The mirror shatters into pieces. Her bird squawks and then resumes its song.
Keira whispers: the crazy thughts that pop into ones head...nissa shoots the mirror, energy starts bouncing around... "we already tried that its magnetically sealed" .. lol )
You whisper to Keira: heh. i thought of that. though not in star wars terms.
Nissa: Well, sometimes it's nice to be underestimated
* Nissa packs up her stuff quickly into her backpack and leaves the premises quickly.
Taus: (( I so wish I knew what was going on ))
Calden: (( likewise ))
Cur: (( Sounds epic, whatever it is XD ))
As she leaves the apartment, she sees a deep scratch on the doorsill. A scratch as if made by a claw.
Keira: (movie squence: A half size woman enters a dark room, lgihts flare, she points at a explodes...she packs and leaves.... what just happened? )
The rest of the evening is peaceful, but the gnome is left with a foreboding feeling that nothing will be the same for her at Morgrave University.
Nissa: I'll talk to you later Xanos.
Nissa: Agent Nyx out.
* Nissa sheaths dagger
Taus: (( WHAAA??? ))
Nissa: (( ))
eira spends the rest of the day enchanting, and receiving a massage from her enchanting house mate. Before she heads to bed, though, Nissa shows up at her apartment asking to stay…
Nissa: H-hey Keira.
Keira: "Well, hello Nissa. What brigns you down here?"
Keira: "You alright?"
Nissa: Some folks at Morgrave, they're not too happy about me not returning with the crown.
Nissa: It should be fine, but I'm taking a lot of heat there right now
Calden: (( dayum ))
Nissa: Do you mind an extra houseguest for a few days until this all blows over?
Keira: "I think that shold be alright."
Nissa: Y-see, officially, I was supposed to save Gydd.
Nissa: Unofficially, I was supposed to return with the crown
Nissa: you know how it is.
Keira: "Never did care fo organizational politics."
Nissa: Yes, it's all a big mess isnt it.
Nissa: Sorry if I'm interrupting anything
Nissa: I'll try not to be a bother
* Keira's Housemate giggles.
Keira: " Just a little stress reduction from a long work day." * grin *
Taus: (( Bowchickawowwow ))
Calden: (( Keira gets a babe, and taus gets Cur... sounds about right ))
Nissa: (( No gnome love interest for me ))
The three ladies eventually head to bed for the night.
The next morning, Keira wakes up in her apartment in the middle of a dream…
The events of the previous morning in the bar in Graywall are rehearsed in the dream world, but like many dreams, the specifics are twisted. In this version, the dwarf Jurgen is replaced by someone else: you. Your comrades surround you, threatening you with death if you do not submit. Calden’s eyes are filled with hatred; Cur has a look of disgust; Taus, patronizing pity. Calden says, “You can’t hide it any longer, Keira! You’re an aberrant! It’s better that you die now before you go mad.” He spits on you and raises his hammer to your head. The walls of the tavern fade away, and a crowd of torch-and-pitchfork-bearing men and women come into view, echoing the accusations of your comrades.
Fear, anger… hatred fills your mind. Your dragonmark on your leg begins to burn painfully as the emotions overwhelm you. You lift your hands defensively, but there is a sense of aggression to the motion as well. If someone was within reach, you would be strangling them. A conflagration blasts from your hands, consuming your comrades and the crowd. Your dragonmark blazes hotter and hotter as the fire is released from your hands. The pain is unbearable. Maddeningly unbearable. And yet the release of emotion and hatred is a rush of power and relief. It is as if an unknown burden has suddenly been freed. Pent up anger at the children in the schoolyard who called you 'bastard.' At the teenage girlfriends who rebuffed your feelings of affection. At the father you never knew...
The crowd before you is utterly consumed in a flash of fire and pain...
* Cur is a stud. You all know it.
* Nissa sets up her bird at the foot of her bed before she rests
Keira awakens from the dream with the bright flare of flames in her eyes. The dream fog fades and she realizes it wasn’t real, but something lingers from the nightmare. Her dragonmark is burning. Looking down at it, she sees that the pattern is the same, but the skin around it is inflamed and tender. And the color has changed slightly from blue to purple…
Calden: (( Go Calden! ))
Keira: (she's not sure what to make if it...something to ponder)
Later that day while strolling the streets of Upper Menthis near Morgrave University, Keira happens to see a childhood friend whom she has seen from time to time in Sharn. Her name is Mirna, a distant cousin, and born into one of the more privileged parts of House Cannith. Mirna was always accepting and kind to Keira, though, despite Keira’s lesser pedigree.
Mirna: “Keira… I… uh.”
Mirna looks uncomfortable and looks up and down the street.
* Keira waves
Keira: * noting the unusually behaviors * , "SOmethign the matter?"
Mirna: “I can’t speak with you, Keira. You know that.”
Keira: "Huh? Why's that? Because I'm a TInker? Didn't seem to matter before."
* Mirna frowns.
Mirna: “You… you don’t know?”
Keira: "I'm guesing No."
Mirna: "You’ve been excoriated."
Keira: * blink * "WHAT! That's absurd!"
Mirna: “I’m sorry, Keira. I can’t be seen speaking to you.”
Mirna rushes away, leaving Keira on the street, feeling like the wind has been knocked out of her.
Calden: (( ouch ))
Cur: (( D': ))
Keira: "Fine. But if you can say one last thing, a namne of who ordered it would be nice"
* Mirna stops and turns around.
Mirna: "Merrix."
* Mirna she turns and runs away.
Keira: * jaw drops *
Meanwhile at the Wayfinder Foundation hall, Taus and Cur are enjoying a day full of graf, card games, and the usual banter between the two…
Cur: "You cheated!"
You whisper to Keira: hope you enjoy that little twist
Keira: * oud enough for those nearby to hear * "Now why would one of the three Leaders of the House bother with a lowly Tinker he's never met?"
Taus: "You sound surprised."
Cur: "No, just dissapointed in you that I noticed!"
* Cur laughs heartily and orders another round
Taus: "Meh, I've got a gut ful of booze..."
Keira whispers: I do vaguely remember saying her father could have been the House leader before the Mourning hit so..
You whisper to Keira: right
Cur: "Well we may not have earned riches, but we did earn fame... Which will help us on our way to riches, eh?"
In the midst of their cardgame, a familiar face walks into the hall—the inquisitive Kava Velderan. She sees Taus and Cur and strolls over, after ordering a glass of wine at the bar. The color of her blouse is different than when you first met her, but the attractive woman still enjoys showing off her endowments under her leather armor.
Taus: "One can hope. Being noticed isn't always so good."
Kava: “Well here are a few sorry excuses for adventurers.”
* Kava smiles with friendly sarcasm.
Kava: “They’ll let anyone into this guild, it seems.”
Taus: "Case in point."
Keira whispers: now.. if only there was more on advance/greater and/or siberys marks mechanically speaking
Kava: “Taus and Cur it is, right?”
Calden: (( Caldens friend, sort of ) ))
Taus: "In the living flesh. Can I help you? Offer you a drink, perhaps?"
Cur: "Aye! Greetings Kava! You're a sight for sore eyes!"
You whisper to Keira: yeah, would be nice if they had that in 4e. kind of liked that about the dragonmarks. making them more powerful
Kava: "As are you, Cur."
Kava: “So where is that good for nothing Sentinel Marshal? I was hoping to find him.”
* Cur shrugs
Taus: "The Deneith compound? We're not his watchers."
Kava: “Pity.”
* Kava sits down near the two friends.
Kava: "Mind if I join the card game?"
Taus: 'Got money?'
Kava throws her purse on the table and you hear a jingle of coin.
Kava: "Will that do?"
Taus: "That'll doo."
Cur: "I'll deal"
* Kava winks and then orders a glass of wine.
Keira whispers: I read one thread somethign from keith bakerabout his thoughts about 4e and marks is to fluff it so the related powers gained via class could be manifestations of the mark growing in power as well... after all.. there are very few in the Eberron World that would normally have PC level powers. Does make it tough for paragon and epic enemies beyond the 'bosses' tho
* Cur shuffles and offers the cut to Kava
* Taus indicated to the barkeep that KAVA'S WINE IS ON HIM
Cur: (( Sharn Hold'em? ))
You whisper to Keira: yeah, i think that way as well. i kind of told Xie that when he said he didn't want the mark feat though he wanted cur to have a dragonmark
* Kava laughs.
Taus: (( Hmm, something to look into ))
Kava: “I hear you all have been stirring up quite a bit of excitement. Heard some rumors from a some House connections that you all started a few fights in Graywall. Having trouble fitting in with Tharashk, eh Cur?”
* Cur scowls a little
Cur: "I'm not trying to"
* Kava chuckles.
Taus: "That place is trouble. Hard not to."
Kava: "It can be hard navigating through House Tharashk. That's for sure."
Kava: “I’m not one for bowing to House politics. Like my father told me, the best way to use the Mark of Finding is to find your own way.”
Kava: “But enough amateur philosophy. I hear you all caught that wanted dwarf.”
Taus: "Yeah..."
Cur: "Aye. Poor bastard."
* Taus looks a little less sympathetic
Kava: "I think every dwarf is a poor bastard, but especially that one."
Kava: "Good work catching him, by the way."
Cur: "He wasn't too much trouble."
Kava: “I also heard that he’s an aberrant. And was approached by House Tarkanan. Is that true?”
* Kava eyes them both intently.
Taus: "Yeah, he had a mark."
Taus: "What's your point?'
* Kava nods and then examines her cards.
Kava: “Well a word of advice. Tread carefully when dealing with the Tarkanans. They’re a dangerous bunch.”
* Cur laughs
Cur: "Yeah, we figured. Abberant marks pack a punch!"
Nissa: (( roll bluff to see who wins ))
* Taus shrugs
Taus: Bluff Check: 22
Kava: “Have you ever seen a hole punched through a man’s chest with the touch of a finger?”
Cur: Bluff Check: 19
Check: 28
Kava: "Uh, Taus. You cheated."
Taus: "You sound surprised..."
* Cur laughs
Cur: "We just call 'em house rules..."
* Taus srins
Kava: "As I started to say, I've seen it done. And it was by an aberrant dragonmark."
Cur: "And no, I haven't..."
Kava: "They can kill with a touch. The Tarkanans kill for gold, but they kill faster to protect their own. They’re more cult than they are assassin’s guild. Especially now."
Cur: "But Jurgen sure packed a whallop, hate to see what someone with some training could acheive..."
Kava: "Aye. And that's the danger."
* Cur looks concerned
* Kava empties the glass of expensive wine as if it were a shot of dwarven liquor and then wipes her mouth.
Kava: “House Tarkanan cornered the market on assassination pretty fast when they showed up on the scene eight years ago. Led by a woman named Thora Tavin. Not too many know it, but she’s an aberrant. As are her followers. The Twelve know, of course. They do everything they can to exterminate the aberrants. Especially House Deneith. And that’s what makes Tarkanan so dangerous. And effective. They use their… skills… to make gold, but also to survive. Anyone who joins them is guaranteed the protection of the rest of the guild. Like a family, really.”
Cur: "Would they have considered Jurgen as one of their own?"
Kava: “I suppose that’s why Deneith put out the bounty on that dwarf so fast. They wanted to get to him before the Tarkanans did. I heard what happened to that blacksmith. Jurgen Rivnor may be a two-bit thug, but he’s no murderer. Especially of a respected Cannith businessman. The Boromar Clan doesn’t need that kind of attention.”
* Kava looks at Taus for a moment.
* Taus ponders this, nodes
Kava: “But things are changing in House Tarkanan. I don’t know much, but I hear there’s a coup going on. Tavin is losing control to some messianic figure. They call him the Son of Khyber.”
Taus: "Yeah, guess that's true..."
Kava: “I’ve never met anyone who’s seen the man. Hell, I don’t know if he’s even real. But I know this. The Tarkanans have gone crazy. Going after the Twelve with a vengeance. Just last month they kidnapped a Lyrandar heir right off an airship in Skyway. The man’s head was left on the steps of the Lyrandar enclave.”
Kava: “They’re not assassinating for gold anymore. They’re on a mission.”
Kava: “And you just put a promising recruit into the hands of House Deneith. I’d be looking over my shoulder if I were you.”
Cur: "Huh..."
Nissa: (( brb ))
Taus: "Right. Thanks for the info."
* Taus starts to look a little squeamish
Kava: "Well I've taken enough of your money. I should be going."
Cur: "Yeah... thanks for the heads up."
* Kava stands up from her chair and brushes a lock of dark hair behind her ear.
Kava: “So be careful out there. And tell Calden to come and see me sometime. He never did know how to treat a girl.”
Taus: "Cur, something I need to tell you..."
The young woman walks out of the hall, leaving Taus and Cur to ponder the ramifications of capturing Jurgen Rivnor.
Cur: "Yeah?"
Nissa: (( back ))
Taus whispers: I'm going to forward that PM to Xie, might put it up on the wiki afterwards
You whisper to Jshock: kk
* Taus relays a tale to Cur
You whisper to Jshock: though it reads backwards.
* Cur chows down on some popcorn
Calden: (( cool ))
Calden: (( we do! ))
Nissa: (( it's cool ))
Cur: (( Agreed ))
Nissa: (( I enjoyed confusing everybody immensely ))
* Keira takes out ink and quil, plus her ID... and draws a line through the name "d'Cannith"