Server started.
Keira has connected.
Keira: hmm.. stuck at 6/31 on battlemap and nothing in my transfer window...
Keira: ... an dit just jumped to done =.. wierd
Keira: so does the 528gp, 8sp, and 5cp number include the 136+20 5-way share of what Keira can get for converting valuables?
Keira sketches out the draconic runes for thunder
 Thunderclap Armor (Minor) Arcane, Implement, Thunder
Target: You or one ally
Effect: Keira infuses the target`s armor with an elemental thunder spirit. Until the end of the encounter, the target gains resist 5 thunder, and any enemy that ends its turn adjacent to the target takes 5 thunder damage. In addition, Keira can use the Thunderclap Armor Attack power once per round until the end of the encounter if the primary target is within 5 squares of you.
Thunder ripples outward from Keira's dagger, coalescing and buffetting a foe
 Thunderclap Armor Attack (Standard) Arcane, Implement, Thunder (Single target, Close Burst 2 of the target of Thunderclap Daily)
Keira attacks NPC 1: 19 vs AC
Hit: 10 thunder damage, and I may push the target 2 squares away from the target of Thunderclap Daily
DM: yeah, the total is everything you guys have collected minus the khyber dragonshard
DM: gonna eat some dinner
Keira: kk, updated my treasure level to 459 gp, 4 sp, 1 cp; 125 residuum (includes left over from start and -75 for horse)
Keira: ... guess Sophia is 'betsy's PC...
DM: yeah
Betsy player has connected.
DM: hey andy
Betsy player: hey
Betsy player: just got home
Keira: evening
Jshock has connected.
DM: jshock
Sophia: hey all
Jshock: I didn't miss anything, did I?
DM: nope
Sophia: (im going to quickly write up what my girl looks like ill brb)
DM: wyrmling may be 15 minutes late
Jshock: He switching chars tonight?
DM: he's one of the new guys
DM: wyrmling might yeah.
DM: he hasn't decided yet
Jshock: 5x5
Wyrmling has connected.
Wyrmling: Hey guys
DM: yo
Wyrmling: What's the vent info?
Keira: evening Wyrmling
Wyrmling: I'm going to have to go at some point, but I'll be back
Xie has connected.
DM: hey xie
Wyrmling: It'll only be like 10 minutes\
Xie: Hey
Wyrmling: SO what's the vent info
Xie: Sorry, slept in. Only just woke up
Wyrmling: I lost it all in my crash
Vent Info
Port: 4737
Password: playtime
Wyrmling: you lie
DM: i don't
Wyrmling: See yas
Wyrmling is disconnected.
Jshock: ...and he was never heard from again.
Sophia: (i prefer to be surprised with the items i get)
Keira: heh, I just finished doing that
Xie: Well we get surprised by what order we get them in
Sophia: if i see anything ill take it, but since i came in at level 5 i pretty much pick the items i wanted
Sophia: how hard is it to kick them out? casue in canada it is impossible to kick people out
Jshock: Yeah, RI is pretty impossible too
Sophia: my land lord is amazing
 Stand the Fallen (Standard) Healing, Martial, Weapon
"This is where we fight, this is where they die!"
Cur attacks Battle Standard of Healing: 28 vs AC
Hit: 16 Normal damage. (28 damage on a crit).
Effect: Each ally within 10 squares can spend a healing surge and regains -1 additional hit points.
Sophia: i love starting bar fights!
Jshock: >_>
Keira: 64 sessions... only made maps for the first.. of.. 5?
You whisper to Betsy player: i'll let you know when you'll join the action
Sophia whispers: okie im writing up a mini exlination of my dude
Sophia whispers: didnt get any dnd stuff done this weekend, i was uber busy with family and wedding stuff
You whisper to Betsy player: np at all
You whisper to Betsy player: it ain't a job afterall. fun shouldn't be pressure.
You whisper to Betsy player: unless of course i pressure you
Sophia whispers: yea it is fun! but i geuss thats my point to... no time for to much fun this weekend... all running around
Sophia whispers: lol
You whisper to Betsy player: when are you getting married?
Sophia whispers: april 30th, its a ways off but we dont live in toronto (where we are having the wedding) so when we are there we like to get stuff done
You whisper to Betsy player: cool
* Keira plays catch with herslef by throwing her dagger and having it return....
Xie: Shotgun not Cur
Keira: I still think Taus has the highest payout
Keira: I only have one... if someone new has a lot of AoE's.. then maybe
Sophia: yea i have no aoes
Xie: I'm back, btw
Xie: Just eating brekkie so don't want to be chewing into the mic
Wyrmling has connected.
The journey out of Six Kings is uneventful, but the entire group is quiet and reflective. Each group that has entered the ruin leaves a comrade behind. Though Zaraani’s Solitaire and Lurtaan’s Cord have been recovered, you each leave something behind in Six Kings.
You emerge from the caverns to an overcast day. Calden appears to be unwell, and he sullenly heads for the campsite that you set up a few days ago. Yeraa motions for you to wait before heading to the campsite, and turns towards her comrades.
Yeraa: “Govaan, take the men and scout ahead. The Kordanga should be waiting for us.”
The goblin scout nods and gathers his comrades, and they move down the hill. Yeraa turns to you.
Yeraa: “I… I must apologize for my lack of trust when we first met. I was doubtful that you could be of any value to our cause, despite Tikulti’s protest to the contrary. But the spirits reveal my shame. You have proven your worth and your valor.”
Yeraa: “I do not know why you would help the Kech Volaar, but your sincerity is beyond doubt. You fight in the spirit of Dhakaan, and for that I thank you. I welcome you as kin and clan this day.”
Taus whispers: Oooh, we get to go after Jurgen next, right?
You whisper to Jshock: yeah. you'll probably be going that direction as you'll see in a minute.
Sari: (( Sari's not going to say anything, anybody else? ))
* Cur nods solemly
* Keira conjures a small image of Zaraani as he appeared addressing the masses in the temporal anomally, showing her his mighty visage...
* Taus nods
* Yeraa nods at Keira.
Yeraa: "Yes. We have brought honor upon the spirits of the ancients this day. I sense they are pleased."
Keira: "I'm no Bard, but I am something of a historian. I shall record what we witnessed."
Yeraa: "That would honor me and the Wordbearers for our deeds to be remembered among the humans. I hope that our people may dwell together in peace and prosperity in the days to come."
Taus: "Keira, make sure Caelin is in there somewhere."
* Cur scowls
Yeraa: "Our leader Huugan will be pleased when we recover Arkantaash. But the quest is not yet complete."
* Sari gives an odd look to Taus.
Sophia whispers: let me know when you want me to send you my charcter discription
Yeraa: “I offer you to join us in our quest to reunite Arkantaash. Together, we now hold four fragments. And I know where the fifth lies—in the city of Graywall to the west of this place. Would you come with us?”
Keira: to sari, "I'm sure he mean me to record Caelins valor and skill... how much and how well he aided us."
Taus: "Graywall? What a coincidence..."
* Taus glances over at Calden
Sari: I know, I know, it just caught me a little off guard is all.
Cur: "Is there graf in Graywall? What are we waiting for..."
Keira: "I know Calden has House business to attend while in Graywall, but I'd be happy to assis you, Yeraa."
As a reminder, Calden is not a part of this conversation. He went to his tent.
Taus: (( ah, right ))
Yeraa: "That would gladden my spirit. It is an honor."
Yeraa: “We have a chartered Lyrandar airship awaiting us down the hill. We leave within the hour.”
Sari whispers: I'm assuming the trip is several days right?
You whisper to Wyrmling: nope. a few hours really
Sari whispers: Damn, an airship?
Sari whispers: XD I was gonna takeoff sometime at night
Keira: "And what do you want to do now, Sari? I imagine this adventure has lost much of its fun for you," she says gently
Yeraa walks down the hill following her comrades, leaving you all alone outside Six Kings.
Cur: "Sounds good. Great way to travel!"
Sari: I've been giving this a lot of thought.
Sari: We've established none of you wish to follow the coat's orders.
Sari: Right?
Cur: "How much can it pay?" Cur says jokingly.
Keira: "I still feel you should find a way to have a Remove Affliction ritual performed so you're free of it."
Taus: "And you do???"
Sari: But then Caelin's lost forever.
Sari: If it brings Caelin back, then yes, I do.
* Cur facepalms.
You whisper to Wyrmling: Lost but not gone, child. Join me and we will find him together," the Coat says
Taus: "That's assumming that - that THING would even bring him back!"
* Sari mutters to herself "But you're the one who took him from me!"
Taus: "Bah!"
Keira: "I'll just once again remind you that the words of the Daelkyr are not to be trusted. Twisting truth and reality is their way."
You whisper to Wyrmling: Punishment can be undone with proper repentance.
Sophia whispers: sorry how did her brother die?
* Taus washes his hands of the thing
You whisper to Betsy player: long story
Sophia whispers: was he a PC?
You whisper to Betsy player: yeah
Sari: I'll go with you to Greywall.
Sophia whispers: ahh ok that works then
You whisper to Betsy player: details are in session 16
Keira: "And them?"
Sari: Sorry?
Sari: We'll see.
Cur: "Look, Sari... I've lost a lot of good men on the battlefield, many of them were like brothers to me..."
Sari: I understand.
Sari: I've seen many friends die as well.
Sari: Just...just leave it
Sari: Let's go.
Cur: "... but indenturing oneself to an abberant article of clothing is hardly the way to go about honouring their memory..."
* Keira nods, then goes to the camp to start picking up and packing away prior to following Yeraa down the mountain
Taus: (( -20 Sari disapproves ))
* Cur stfu's
Cur: (( DA reference win XD ))
Sari 1's new level is 4.
Sari: (( Sari's a full seeker atm ))
Sari: (( if you don't mind ))
Calden: "(to Keira) "So what are we doing?"
Keira: "Heading to Graywall via airship.. once we're down the monutain
Taus: "Taking care of som unfinished business..."
Calden: "Airship? Damn. Is the one from Ardev here?"
Sophia whispers: will anyone be able to see through my chagelingness?
Keira: * Shrug * "Yeraa siad they had aranged to board one"
You whisper to Betsy player: no
Taus: "Maybe it's the same; why?'
Calden: "When are we leaving? I'm not feeling well. I think those damn foulspawn got to me."
Cur: "Toughen up Calden."
* Taus glances warily at Cal, like a plague victim
Cur: "That's quitter talk."
Keira: "As soon as we finish strikign camp, we can head down."
Calden: "Shut up Cur. I'm growing a bit tired of your criticism."
* Cur looks startled
DM: mehehehehehehehe
Sari: (( So much drama ))
Cur: (( XD ))
Taus: "Right..."
Calden: "Sorry... I just don't feel well."
* Keira finishes her portion of the task, and steps over to the trail...
Taus: (( like Alister: "Rooooight..." ))
DM: so darksun can't make it. his internet is down at his house and he's at a friend's
Cur: "Sure... Well we can relax a little. We're headed to Graywall where we can take a rest from battles..."
Cur: (( lol ))
Calden: Calden takes a short rest and spends 1 surges to heal 13 hit points.
Calden: "Alright. Time to get to work then I suppose."
Taus: "Last place I'd relax. For a bit, anyway."
Cur: Cur takes a short rest and spends 1 surges to heal 12 hit points.
Taus: Taus takes a short rest and spends 1 surges to heal 11 hit points.
You all quickly break camp and move down the hill..
A dilapidated airship floats moored to the cliff face by a tight web of ropes and lanyards. The name "Kordanga" graces its prow in faded black letters. The crew is a mix of humans, goblins, and hobgoblins, including a half-elf at the helm with the Mark of Storm on his forearm.
Delan d'Lyrandar: “Welcome aboard the Kordanga, ladies and gentlemen. Try not to get in the way. We’ll be in the lovely city of Graywall in three hours. Hold onto your hats.”
* Keira smiles and pulls some flight goggles out of her pack
The crew gets to work in embarking, and Delan d’Lyrandar busily begins the process of controlling the harnessed air elemental that powers this vessel. As crude as the condition of the ship and crew appear, the Kordanga is still a work of arcane and technological art. These Kech Volaar goblins must have significant backing from their clan to charter an airship. Within minutes, the vessel is in the air and headed west towards Droaam.
You whisper to Jshock: During the journey, you reflect on all that you have done the past month. The adventures, the intrigue, the new friends. And of course the gold… You always thought that you had potential as a decent footpad and maybe a soldier of fortune, but you never imagined that your experience and skill could grow to this extent and this fast. Your old buddies in the Boromar Clan would be a little jealous, if not a bit nervous around you. Maybe there’s something to that stupid prophecy…
Your rapier is now a Deathstalker Rapier +2.
* Cur scowls and finds something to hold onto
Sari whispers: is nissa on this flight?
You whisper to Wyrmling: no
Sari whispers: Kay, just checking
Cur: "Dangerous place, Drooam..." Cur mutters.
Keira whispers: Keira silently hopes Sari doesn't shoose to walk the plank...
You whisper to Keira: heh
Taus: Whaddaya mean? Everyplace's dangerous! That old swaqmp you lived in was dangerous!"
Cur: "I didn't live there, Taus..."
Taus: "Whatever. You get my point."
Cur: "Strangely I've found the battlefield to be the safest place..."
Keira whispers: Keira idly wodners how her 'girl-friend' from the wayfinders is doing
Cur: "You know where you stand. Us and them. No nonsense."
You whisper to Keira: Keira or Tygaran?
* Cur looks pensive.
Taus: "Meh, no better or worse... just all the danger's condensed into manageable chunks, way I see it."
Keira whispers: both
Sari whispers: Where's calden at?
You whisper to Wyrmling: on the ship. you can talk to him
* Sari approaches Calden.
Calden: "What is it Sari?"
Cur: "Well... We've stayed alive this long, danger or no! Let's see about keeping it that way, eh?"
Taus: "Good idea!"
Sari: Okay, so I know how we had this thing going and then it kinda died down but I dont know maybe it didn't that's just how I see it and the coat really didn't help anything and then a lot of stuff happened
Taus: (( cool story, bro ))
Sari: (( I know, right ))
Sari: I don't really know where I was going with this...
Calden: "Thing? I didn't really think of it as a thing. I... I don't know what to say, Sari. I've been with a lot of women I've served with."
Taus: (( grrrow ))
Sari: (( Woah, Playa ))
Sophia: (woh they were sleeping togeather?
Sari: (( No, no ))
Sari: Oh..
Calden: "I just never really wanted more than that. I'm sure the House has someone arranged to marry me."
Sophia: (typical...)
Cur: (( Heartbreaker! ))
Sari: (( Rejected! ))
Sophia: (don't jump!)
Taus: (( the man has no play." ))
Calden: "It's not easy in my position, Sari. The House determines so much. And honestly I don't know if I'll see the sun set every time I see it rise."
Calden: "Love wasn't in my plan."
Taus: (( it's not you, it's me ))
Sari: (( no, its definitely me. ))
Sari: (( ))
Cur: (( Hahahaha ))
Calden: "Is that what you're saying? If there's love there?"
Sari: No..
* Calden nods and looks away.
Calden: "Good."
Sari: I was just making sure there wasnt.
* Calden looks back at Sari.
Taus: (( Maybe you should jump... ))
Sari: I didn't want you to get the wrong impression off of me.
Sari: SO I figured I'd set things straight, but it's alright, you did it for me.
Sophia: (sair kinda reminds me of mark walberg's character in "fear")
Sari: (( I've never seen it. ))
Sari: Anyway, I'll see ya later.
Calden: "If I was free... I don't know. You are a beautiful woman, armor of eyes aside. And it thrills me to watch you fight. But I am not free."
An hour into the flight, you see a faint pall of smoke along the western horizon. At your side, one of the crew confirms that this is Graywall, about two hours out.
For more information on Graywall, roll a History or Streetwise check.
* Sari walks off and stares off the edge of the ship.
Taus: Streetwise Check: 13
Cur: History Check: 23
Taus: (( Ahh crap ))
You whisper to Jshock: GnoIls, orcs, goblins, and other monstrous races make up most of Graywall's population. Most visitors from the heart of Khorvaire stay in the foreign quarter—the Calabas, or "the Kennel," as it's known to the locals. This city-within-a-city resembles any other relatively civilized Five Nations settlement, and visitors have access to the mundane goods and services found in most cities. Houses Ghallanda, Jorasco, Kundarak, Orien, Phiarlan, Sivis, and Tharashk all have enclaves in the Calabas.
Sari whispers: Oh shit, there's a dragon coming up isnt there.
You whisper to Xie: GnoIls, orcs, goblins, and other monstrous races make up most of Graywall's population. Most visitors from the heart of Khorvaire stay in the foreign quarter—the Calabas, or "the Kennel," as it's known to the locals. This city-within-a-city resembles any other relatively civilized Five Nations settlement, and visitors have access to the mundane goods and services found in most cities. Houses Ghallanda, Jorasco, Kundarak, Orien, Phiarlan, Sivis, and Tharashk all have enclaves in the Calabas. House Tharashk is nominally responsible for law and order in the Calabas, but its patrols dispense little of either. Although the monstrous races of Droaam are less common in the foreign quarter, visitors might find themselves interacting with orc patrols, goblin work crews, gnoll mercenaries, or even a troll or medusa come to deal with the traders of the west.
Keira: History Check: 19
As Sari walks away, Calden whispers "I am sorry, Sari."
Sari whispers: I kinda read a spoiler by accident and have been looking forward to that fight
You whisper to Keira: GnoIls, orcs, goblins, and other monstrous races make up most of Graywall's population. Most visitors from the heart of Khorvaire stay in the foreign quarter—the Calabas, or "the Kennel," as it's known to the locals. This city-within-a-city resembles any other relatively civilized Five Nations settlement, and visitors have access to the mundane goods and services found in most cities. Houses Ghallanda, Jorasco, Kundarak, Orien, Phiarlan, Sivis, and Tharashk all have enclaves in the Calabas. House Tharashk is nominally responsible for law and order in the Calabas, but its patrols dispense little of either. Although the monstrous races of Droaam are less common in the foreign quarter, visitors might find themselves interacting with orc patrols, goblin work crews, gnoll mercenaries, or even a troll or medusa come to deal with the traders of the west.
Sari: THere's nothing to be sorry about, don't worry.
* Taus throws away his dice, gets new ones
You whisper to Wyrmling: which fight?
Cur: (( Bad robot dice ))
Sari whispers: FIghting a dragon on an airship
You whisper to Wyrmling: oh. missed that. it comes later. and i changed it a bit
Taus: (( straight up. Gotta show 'em who's boss." ))
Sari whispers: Oh okay, cool.
Cur: "Well I'm certainly looking forward to a touch of... civilisation..." Cur says gruntingly
Taus: "In Graywall?"
Tiklulti walks up to Keira.
Tikulti: "So you have the gem?"
Keira: "We have it yes," she responds
Tikulti: "Good. And you still have the blade?"
You whisper to Betsy player: sry for the delay. hope you don't mind the show.
Keira: "Naturally." tries to figure out where he's going with the questions...
Keira: Insight Check: 7
* Tikulti nods.
Keira: (clueless)
Tikulti: "Just wanna make sure they're safe."
Tikulti: "I can't believe we got both of the pieces. Honestly I didn't really buy into all of this stuff when Kalaes sent me off with these damn goblins."
Sophia whispers: nea its ok i like the rping, its pretty good. want me to email you the discription i wrote up for when they meet me, or should i just post it when i enter the bar
Tikulti: "But, damn, we may just do it. You all impressed me in that cavern."
You whisper to Betsy player: you can email it to me
Tikulti: "I don't know how we're going to find the fifth piece, but Yeraa says she has a way. Something about the circlet she wears. It's one of the pieces too, you know."
Keira: "Don't look at me, the others did most of the work."
Sophia whispers: sent
Cur: "I'd like to avoid House Tharask if possible... I know I don't need to tell you of all people, Taus, but lets keep it low key, eh?"
Tikulti: "You must have helped a bit. Don't sell yourself short, Cannith."
Taus: "Trust me. I was thinking the same. Jurgen's probably got his boys all over."
Taus whispers: That reminds me: can I rig up a disguise of some sort? Fake mustache, anything?
Tikulti: "Well keep those fragments safe. The boss would skin us alive if we lost them."
You whisper to Jshock: sure. simple bluff check. maybe buy a kit.
You whisper to Jshock: kit costs 30gp
The rest of the journey passes quickly, and you fly into the city with the sun approaching the horizon. Graywall passes below you, a sprawling mass of stone buildings and canvas workers' shelters obscured by the smoke of wood fires and furnaces. The wall that surrounds the town shows signs of recent and ongoing construction. To the west rise new buildings; to the east are great quarries where stone is cut. Ahead, your destination is the foreign quarter, called the Calabas—or, as the locals refer to it, "the Kennel."
GraywallPanorama is visible to players.
Taus whispers: Don't have a kit on me, so I'll try just a bluff
Taus: Bluff Check: 16
There are no docks for airships in this rough city, but Delan brings the ship to moor at the tower of the Orien enclave. A few minutes later, you are escorted out to the Calabas. Contrary to the rest of the city, this quarter is remarkably similar to any area of Sharn. It seems that the rulers of this monstrous land have deemed it necessary to allow a little piece of the Five Nations to thrive in their city. Outlaws and bandits are sure to be found in this city that lies outside of the Code of Galifar, but in the Calabas one could just as easily find a diplomat or a wealthy expatriate from the Five Nations.
Sophia: (thats a ghetto city)
* Taus is wearing his cloak inside out, and sports an unusual tunic (for him)
Yeraa: "Dhakaani ruins are the deep foundations of Graywall, and it is there that our seers say Murkoorak's orb lies. Rumor and legend place it beneath what has become the Calabas. Now, the circlet will show us the way. In the morning we will begin the search. For now, rest and do whatever is in your mind this evening. We have arrangements for sleep, but I doubt they would be to your liking. You may find your own. Govaan will come for you in the morning.”
Keira: "Very well."
Taus: "Ahh, scenic Graywall..."
The goblins head into the Orien enclave and out into the city. The crew attends to the ship.
Cur: "Charms the heart..."
* Cur scowls at Graywall
Taus: (( does Graywall scowl back? ))
Keira: * flick 8 .. the town scowls at Cur
Taus: "Let's try not to get stabbed then, shall we?"
Cur: "We'll make it a nice quiet stay..."
Keira: "Find us a reasonably safe Inn, then , Taus."
* Taus sounds different somehow... aristocratic?
Cur: "To the tavern!"
Taus: "Right, right... inn."
Taus: Streetwise Check: 18
Taus: (( terrible ))
Sari: (( holding on ))
Sophia: ((holding on double))
Sari: (( I like you, you'll fit in here. ))
Taus: (( edge of my seat, here ))
You whisper to Jshock: With some smiles and a few nice words, you find out that there are a few decent inns in the Calabas. The Twilight Palace is very highbrow- for diplomats and the like. There is a Ghalandra run inn called the Gold Dragon Inn which is reasonable.
Sari: (( ))
Sophia: ((haha thanks))
Keira: (Sari and Besty from my campaign woul dget alogn swimmingly )
Sophia: ((haha yes they would))
DM: They're both crazy
Keira: (you found the bar fight, Taus )
Taus: "Hmm... we want the good place or the cheap place?
You whisper to Jshock: i'm assuming that's just looking for a decent place to hole up
Sari: We're not exactly short on money.
Taus whispers: yep
Keira: "The place where we feel comfortable sleeping"
Cur: "Good"
Taus: "That's neither."
Taus: "Twilight palace is high end, but I suspect security is lax either way."
Keira whispers: just realized my cloak didn't make it back to the lobby...
Taus: "Wrong town for it."
Taus: "Golden Dragon is lower"
Sari: I'll vote for the Twilight Palace
Cur: "Let's stay at the Twilight"
Sari: I need a good sleep.
Cur: (( Hopefully its not full of vampires ))
You all would recognize the name "Golden Dragon." It is the usual name for House Ghallandra run houses throughout the Five Nations. Kind of like "Holiday Inn"
Taus: "I could be wrong. Maybe they have working locks."
Sari: (( Ghallandra, is that halflings? ))
Sophia: (( you walk into the twilight bar and the patrons seem to ... sparkle in the light...))
DM: yup
Taus: (( That's bad, Sophia ))
Sari: (( Yay, I know some house races off hand ))
Keira: "Pick one and let's go"
Taus: "anyone else? No? Twilight it is."
You whisper to Betsy player: i was gonna bring you in for a bar fight, but they aren't dealing with anything tonight, so i'll let you come in wherever they go for the night.
Sophia whispers: okie dokie... i might be able to start one! maybe a skill chalange?
* Taus Taus has mo' money, so he doesn't care
Sophia whispers: im going to play my chacter as really unlucky
* Sari heads off to Twilight Palace
You head the direction Taus was pointed for the Twilight Inn. You arrive and are awed by the structure-- a beautiful structure in classic Galifar style. Elegant and subtle. Pillars rise in front of the grand edifice and the sound of music comes lilting out the doors.
Sari: (( Inn* ))
Twilight Palace I mean
Sari: (( Palace* ))
Taus: "Huh, looks comfortable..."
You whisper to Betsy player: or i could have you join them in the market while they work on finding the relic?
Sari: Yeah, not too bad at all.
* Taus tries desperately to look like he belong in the swank hotel
Sophia whispers: what ever is quicker... but my write up was for abar entrance
Taus: Bluff Check: 27
Taus: (( fuck year ))
Inside, you realize that this is clearly luxurious for Graywall. The bar is solid wood hailing from Xen'drik. A small quartet plays from a low stage classic Galifar tunes.
* Keira enters while Taus pyches himself up
* Cur follows after Taus, pretending to be a bodyguard.
You whisper to Betsy player: easy enough to handle.
Taus: (( good call, Xie ))
* Sari enters just being herself.
A half-elf in formal atire approaches and looks you all up and down.
* Cur scowls at the Palace's insufficient security.
Taus: "Yes..?
Phiarlan Attendant: "Uh... can I help you?"
Cur: (( House P... Elves? ))
Phiarlan Attendant: yes
Sari: (( Yeah ))
Cur: (( Who says DDO isn't educational ))
Phiarlan Attendant: lol
Taus: "Certainly. A lord Sherzen and retinue, to stay on business."
Sari: (( You're learning about a fantasy world. ))
Sari: (( It's not exactly like learning physics. ))
Taus: Bluff Check: 11
Sari: (( ))
* Phiarlan Attendant sneers.
Taus: (( facepalm ))
Cur: (( LAWLz ))
Phiarlan Attendant: "I know not of that name. But if you have sufficient means, I suppose I can find you a room."
* Keira shows the man her d'Cannith ID. "We ARE on business."
Sophia: (( so im guessing taus is the one who never learned to roll proerly in the group... every group has one))
* Taus shakes his coinpurse
Sari: (( Yeah, pretty much ))
Phiarlan Attendant: "Thank you, my lady. Though I would recommend better companions for one of your station."
Taus: (( I've got like a +9 mod... ))
* Phiarlan Attendant looks askance at Taus.
Sophia: (( so you roll like 10's and 11's ))
Keira: "His skills are invaluable."
Taus: (( yep ))
Phiarlan Attendant: "We have 3 rooms available. The cost is 35 sovereigns per night."
Phiarlan Attendant: "Let us hope so."
Keira: "Pay the man, Taus."
Taus: "Mlady..."
* Taus forks over the dough
Sophia whispers: btw is taus the leader or is keira or both?
Keira: (take it from that party fund )
That would be 105 sp for three rooms.
You whisper to Betsy player: not really anyone. depends on the situation.
Sari: (( Oh noes, 10.5 GP ))
Cur: (( There are 5 of us? ))
Sari: (( 6 ))
Sari: (( 2 per room I guess ))
Sophia whispers: btw how much gold do i have...?
You are escorted into large rooms, with fine furniture and a hot bath waiting in each.
You whisper to Betsy player: whatever you have left after buying your equipment
Taus: (( unless Cal is staying at house HQ ))
Sari: (( Keira and I are generally sharing rooms, right? ))
Cur: (( Makes sense. ))
Keira: (Taus and Cur.. Calden... Keir and Sari -- unless Sair goes with Calden)
Sari: (( OH wait, caelin's gone ))
Calden: "Finally, a good bed."
Taus: (( oooh... ))
Sari: (( Sari and Calden probably not a good idea to share a room ))
Sophia whispers: oh i didnt buuy my equipment i just picked stuff
Sari: (( at this point in time. ))
You whisper to Betsy player: what did you pick?
* Cur bunks with Taus
* Keira luxuriates at the chance for a REAL bath...
Calden: "Well good night everyone."
* Taus steals the soap
Sari: (( just like a rogue ))
Cur: "Rest up, Calden. Hope you're feeling better tomorrow."
Sophia whispers: 3 level 3 itms, a level 4 and a level 2 item
Calden: "Aye."
Taus: (( it's free soap! ))
Keira: ( ... the the Graywall thugs come for Calden in the night.. never to be seen again )
Sophia whispers: 2 weaons, a cloak, and necklace and a pair of googles that give me a range basic attack bonus
Sari: (( so is it nighttime now? ))
Taus: (( or whatever got implanted in him bursts free ))
Keira: (slaad empryo?)
You whisper to Betsy player: add that up and subtract it from 4480gp, and you have what is left over.
* Cur wanders around the Palace to find some graf
* Taus is with Cur
Taus: "You really want Graf in a highbrow place like this?
The evening comes to a relaxing end and you all head off to bed. After Cur gets a graf of course...
Cur: (( Or wine, if that's what people drink in this place ))
* Keira tries to sheer up Sari a bit without it ending up a lechure on spontaneous behavior
Taus: "I say we do something different. Break free of the mold."
Sophia whispers: okie i have 1,080
Taus: "Barkeep! House special, tro."
Sari: Thanks Keira.
Taus: two*
Sari: You're a good leader for the group, never let any of the guys think any differently.
Cur: "As you wish, m'lord..."
* Cur grins mockingly
Keira: "Me? The leader? When did that happen? I just speak my mind. That's all."
* Taus discreetly looks around the bar at the other patrons
Taus: Perception Check: 20
Sari: Maybe not officially, but whatever you do
Sari: You do it well.
Cur: (( Wow. Who is she and what has she done with Sari? ))
The patrons are clearly wealthy. You see a Karrnathi nobleman, with his severe hairstyle and sharp mustaches. He looks quite wealthy.
Taus: (( it's the robe talking ))
Keira: "I but try." keira drys herself off, gets dress aside from he rleather vest, sits on her bed and starts chronicling the Six Kings arc...
Cur: (( Of course... Its a corruptive influence... ))
Taus: (( severe hair? Like mohawks? ))
Sharp sideburns. Short-cropped.
Sari: (( it scowls ))
Taus: (( I'm waiting for a pillowfight or something ))
Keira: Keira takes an extended rest and fully recovers.
Taus: (( dang ))
Cur: (( XD ))
Sari: (( Sari grabs a pillow and whacks Keira in her sleep ))
Sari: (( Happy? ))
Taus: (( yeah :) ))
* Cur drinks his fill of fancy wines etcetera and then stumbles back to his room to sleep.
Cur: Cur takes an extended rest and fully recovers.
* Taus takes one last look, to determine if anyone notices him
Taus: Perception Check: 20
You whisper to Jshock: no one seems to care about you.
Taus: Taus takes an extended rest and fully recovers.
* Sari gathers her things together and slips out into the hallway
Calden walks into the hallway, unable to sleep, and wanting to take a late night stroll.
Sari: (( ))
Calden: "Sari? Can't sleep?"
Taus: (( cue moonlight kiss ))
* Sari kisses Calden quickly
Sari: I know what we said earlier
Sari: whatever
Sari: I may not see any of you again.
Sari: I'm off to get Caelin back.
Sophia: ((hey dnd is pg13 remember))
Cur: (( Aww... ))
Calden: "Not see? What do you mean?"
Calden: "Sari. You can't get him back. I don't know what happened back there, but it's clear that he's gone. You have to let him go."
Sari: Nothing you can say will change my mind.
* Calden reaches out for her hand.
Sari: I'm sorry Calden.
* Sari turns away dramatically.
Calden: "Please. We need you. You would honor him more by continuing the fight."
Keira: (one big eye glares at Calden from Sari's back )
* Sari walks away into the night.
Calden: "What do you want me to tell the others?"
Sari: I'm pretty sure they'll figure it out, but feel free to share.
Sari: Take care off yourself.
* Sari disappears into the night
Calden: "Goodbye Sari. May we meet again...""
Wyrmling: (( -tear- ))
Cur: (( ))
Calden: Calden takes an extended rest and fully recovers.
Sophia: ((i never knew you but i miss you already))
Short pause... I'm winging stuff here.
Taus: (( WOOHOO!! Jumped the rails!!! ))
No. You jumped the rails. I'm rebuilding them.
Wyrmling: (( Thanks for playing along with my little Calden romance thingy IJ ))
Phiarlan Attendant:
Keira: (I'm guessing it's Taus' turn to be doing something risky? )
Taus: (( yeah, like attemting bluff checks ;D ))
Sophia: ((yea guys thanks for coming to get me!!))
Wyrmling: (( LOL awe. ))
In the morning, you head down to the lobby, looking for Govaan. Instead, you see a gnome woman with blonde hair. When she sees you, she heads your direction.
Wyrmling: (( Were we supposed to go to the lower end inn? ))
Sophia: (( no idea))
* Cur groans
DM: no. i actually thought you'd go looking for Jurgen. but i can adjust.
Cur: "Sticking with graf next time, I think..."
Keira: Looking a little sad, Keira enters the main room...
Nissa: (( I'm going to let the discuss Sari's departure before immediately replacing her. ))
Cur: (( But instead we avoided him? Hahahaha. Oops ))
DM: oops
Calden: "I have some bad news."
Nissa: (( It's cool ))
Calden: "Sari is gone."
Keira: (Keira thinks of Jurgen as Calden's choice... she'd help but it's not really her concern)
Cur: "Me too..."
* Taus looks dismayed, but not surprised
* Cur sighs
Calden: "She said she had to go back for Caelin. I think it's a fool's errand. But she's determined."
Wyrmling is disconnected.
Keira is disconnected.
Jshock is disconnected.
Betsy player is disconnected.
Xie is disconnected.
You have disconnected.
Server started.
Keira has connected.
Jshock has connected.
Xie has connected.
Keira: "I tried to cheer her up without lecturing. But I guess she had already made up her mind"
Betsy player has connected.
Wyrmling has connected.
Betsy player: (okie guys im here the party can start)
Keira whispers: in 5 levels, bring Sari back as a foulspawn
You whisper to Keira: something like that
 Thunder Slam (Standard Action) • Ranged, 10
Sophia attacks Battle Standard of Healing: 14 vs Fortitude
Hit: 21 Thunder damage.
Sofia pushes the target 3 squares
Calden: "So now we're down two."
Calden: "Two friends..."
Taus: "No. We'll see her again. That's what worries me."
Cur: "What do you mean by 'gone' exactly?"
Taus: (( DUN DUN DUNNNN ))
Keira: "From my point of view, she never used the bed. So must have left late."
Calden: "She left in the middle of the night. I ran into her in the hall. I tried to convince her to stay, but she wouldn't."
Wyrmling: (( Yeah, totally left that open for Imperial Junkie to do what he wants with it ^.^ ))
Cur: "Yeah... I've a feeling we'll meet again..." Cur frowns...
* Calden looks at the gnome who is approaching.
Calden: "Who is this? She seems to be looking for us."
Sophia whispers: haha wow really? sophia
Nissa: Hi there.
You whisper to Betsy player: no. this is wyrmling's new PC
You whisper to Betsy player: i'll get you soon
* Cur regrets being such a jerk to Sari
* Taus eyeballs the gnome
Calden: "Can I help you?"
Cur: "Hey shorty"
Keira: * flick * Cur has a clowns face unbeknonst to him
Sophia: ((layton... and he has a diabolical box))
Nissa: I've been searching for the adventuring party to have last seen professor Gydd Nephret
Nissa: ANd you seem to fit the description.
* Taus looks a bit relieved
Nissa: Though I thought there would also be two elves with you.
Keira: "It's been a while. she was kidnapped from Sharn a while back."
Nissa: Yes yes I know, but I understand that you've been making an effort to find her?
Keira: (I can't remember if we had any leads =/ )
Nissa: I've been tasked from Morgrave to attempt to locate her.
Taus: 'We tried. Who wants to know?"
Calden: "We left that to the Citadel. But we've been on an errand that she worked with us on."
Nissa: Oh..really?
Nissa: I thought you'd been..
Nissa: Oh no..
Calden: "And it seems that the people who kidnapped her are now on our trail."
Nissa: Ah, the emerald claw, yes?
Calden: "Why do you want to know? Do you know her?"
Keira: "Well, if that Demise character is interested int he Ashen Crown, I'm sure we'll know about it soon."
Calden: "Yes. The Claw. How did you know that?"
* Taus gives Keira a look when she says 'Ashen Crown"
Nissa: As I've said, I'm an academic from Morgrave university and I've been asigned to assist in the rescue of Professor Gydd Nepheret
* Calden frowns.
Cur: "... its on our to do list also..."
Nissa: I've been given plenty of information from the university
Cur: "Can you fight?"
Nissa: Including some on the claw, that are apparently pursuing you.
Taus: "Yeah... you have any experience in the knife fighting ore death defying fields?'
* Nissa conjures a spectral beast in front of cur, looking capable of ripping him to pieces.
Calden: "And what do you know?"
* Cur nods, impressed
Nissa: Did that look real?
* Taus wonders how much te other patrons just noticed
Cur: "Great. A spellcaster. I like spellcasters. Good for controlling the battlefield..."
* Keira looks at her gloves, "Better than I can do."
Cur: (( Apparently Cur doesn't consider Keira a spellcaster XD ))
Nissa: Well, I didn't receive much on the claw.
Nissa: Just that they were the ones responsible
* Calden nods.
Nissa: though the university told me that you were in pursuit of them.
Nissa: Not the other way around.
* Nissa shakes her head.
Keira whispers: so what's the plan for sophia's appearance? was she in the OTHER inn?
Calden: "You have good sources to know that much. I wouldn't think that Kalaes would have put that out on the street."
You whisper to Keira: yeah. gonna put her somewhere else.
Nissa: A scholar has many ways of finding information.
Keira: "i DID sent that message to the University, as you call."
Calden: "Well if you know the good professor I'm fine with you tagging along. She's a good woman."
Nissa: Messages detailing the situation being one of them.
Calden: "Ah, Keira. I had forgotten."
Nissa: Yes, she is.
Nissa: Her and I were good friends.
Calden: "Are you all fine with the little one tagging along?"
Taus: "Like we have a choice or something."
Cur: "Sure. Never fought with a white goblin before.
Keira: "Can we avoid the sterotypes? Or shoud she call you the giant, Calden?"
Keira: "She's a gnome, cur. Not a goblin."
Nissa: It's alright, I've noticed if you don't pay them any attention, they stop pretty quickly
Cur: "Right... Sorry..."
Calden: "Fair enough, Keira. It's my older brother's influence on me. He tended to pick on our smaller cousins. You are welcome... What was your name again?"
Nissa: Nissa
Nissa: Nissa Carolden
Calden: "Nissa it is. Try to stay out of harm's way. We have a tendency to attract trouble."
* Nissa gives a slight curtsy
Cur: "Sure could use the firepower, since... er..."
Keira: "Well, Nissa. as soo as our local contact arrive, we're due to investigate some find Dhakaanis ruins under this district." * grin *
Nissa: As I understand it, you've also been in search of the pieces of the ashen crown.
Keira: (so many typos.. ;( )
Sophia: (at least its typos, for me its just bad spelling)
Nissa: Do you happen to have any of the artifacts with you?
You whisper to Betsy player: lol. they're a chatty bunch tonight. sry for the delays
Sophia whispers: haha its okie! i like chatty@ are we going to have a battle tongiht or are we out of time
Keira: "We still have Ashurta's Blade.. currently in dagger form."
You whisper to Betsy player: depends
Nissa: I'd love to give them a look over if we have any time of course.
Taus whispers: *pulls Calden aside* so... when are you going after Jurgen?
You whisper to Jshock: I suppose when we finish this artifact business. We'll see. It's on the list.
Now that you are back in civilization of a kind, you realize that it is Therendor 10. True to Yeraa’s word, Govaan shows up at the inn and greets you during breakfast. He then escorts you to Yeraa. Akitani and Tikulti are with her.
Taus whispers: Alright... I'll let you lead. For now.
Keira: "Join me for breakfast and we can discuss them while we wait."
Cur: "Well they're gonna get along well..." Cur mutters.
Nissa: (( Oh man! I always wanted Sari to talk about being a changeling with Tikulti ))
Yeraa: “Now we search. The circlet will show me the way to its sister, Murkoorak’s orb.”
For the better part of a day, you walk the foreign quarter with Yeraa and her best seekers, as the circlet allows her to subtly sense distance and direction to the orb. In the end, you find yourselves led to a great public plaza. This is the Roar, named for the House Tharashk dragonne statue at its center.
Nissa: (( Basically, all I really wanted her to say is, "It must be nice to be able to disappear whenever you want." ))
Just east of the statue, Yeraa stops suddenly in a space between two tents.
Keira whispers: Keira chats with the pretty elf..
Yeraa: “This is it. Below. Two hundred feet or so. The orb is buried here.”
* Cur scowls at the House Tharask statue
Yeraa: “Tonight we will start the dig. The plaza becomes a goblin market at night and will be full of vendors’ booths. It will not be easy to hide our activities from prying eyes, especially House Tharashk. They would be loathe to allow us to excavate in the city. But I will leave that to you. We meet here at sunset.”
Cur: "Wait... what? Here?"
Yeraa: "Yes, half-orc. We will dig."
Taus: "Where you going to put the dirt..."
Yeraa: "I will need you to hide our activities."
Keira: "Maybe we shold check the nearby buidlings for basements."
* Cur looks uncomfortable
Yeraa: "Maybe if you purchased a tent it would allow us to remain hidden."
Cur: "Yeah, that's a good idea, Keira..."
Taus: "200 feet of dirt is a lot of dirt!"
Cur: "We will need to carry it from the marketplace in small quantities."
Nissa: (( 40 squares! ))
Yeraa: "I expect that we don't need to dig that low. The Wordbearers have records of tunnels under this city. It is probably a short dig to reach those tunnels."
Yeraa: "And then we should be able to make our way down through the tunnels. That is my hope. But we will not know until we start the dig."
* Keira asks around about renting a space in a buiding...
Nissa: "Fascinating", Nissa mumbles to herself.
Keira: Streetwise Check: 15
Taus: "... what about those sewer grates?"
* Taus indicates the grate to his SE
You approach a few of the buildings. They are all rented warehouses circling the square.
Taus: "If there's tunnels around, they probably link up at some point."
Keira: "Nose about some Taus. see if these warehouses are used during the night. Perhaps we can use one."
Yeraa: "Those lead to the sewers. I do not know if they would lead anywhere but to outside the city where sewage is dumped."
* Taus checks out the grate. Storm drain? Sewer?
Keira: "Unofficially of course" * wink *
Taus: Perception Check: 18
You whisper to Jshock: Sewer.
Taus whispers: eew
Yeraa: "We will return in a few hours at sunset."
Yeraa: "I expect that you will make sense of this. But we will plan to dig."
* Taus starts up friendly conversations with some landlords
Taus: Streetwise Check: 17
Keira whispers: ah good... a grid matched to the maptools grid; that's the one nit-pick I have with Lethys game. His map image grids DON'T match up
Nissa: (( Being in a city, I'm going to have arcane mutterings prepared instead of shield ))
Taus: (( consistently bleh ))
Nissa: (( if that's cool ))
A young girl in her early 20’s walks up to you. Her beauty is unusually perfect for a human, and she looks like battle has never fazed her. She stands just under six feet, and her blond hair is cut short. While the short hair would be off putting on a normal human, on this one, it only manages to frame her green eyes and slightly round face; adding to her beauty. The loose clothes hang from all the right places and have spots of blue and red embroidery worked into the otherwise simple design. You notice a dagger hanging loosely inside her robes, and a fancy long staff draped across her back. As she leans to see what you are all doing, you notice two unusual trinkets hanging around her neck, a rabbit’s foot, and a pair of goggles that look like something a blacksmith might use.
You whisper to Betsy player: enter sophie
Keira: to Cur, "If Taus can't swing something, maybe you can.. encourage.. a warehouse guard to let us past, hmm?"
* Keira stares at the pretty girl
You whisper to Jshock: The landlord asks what you want.
* Cur doesn't hear what Keria said
Cur: "Huh?"
Nissa: (( Keira's into that sorta thing? ))
Nissa: (( Dirty thoughts, dirty thoughts ))
* Sophia darts past you and falls flat on the ground as she almost tripped over keira
You whisper to Betsy player: i sent you an email
Sophia: oof
Nissa: Well, I've been known to use a bit of Arcana to g-
* Keira catches her
Sophia: oohhh im sorry
Taus whispers: Oh, we're just looking for some space for the night... our club usually meets in one of the bars, but they've been getting so loud lately..
Keira: "Nice to meet you too, dear."
* Sophia bows yes nice to meet you.... im sorry im in a rush... im well kinda lost
Sophia: umm do you know where i am... everyone just laughts at me when i ask
You whisper to Jshock: There's a market going on here tonight. This is no time for that.
* Cur laughs
Taus whispers: Scrool of the month club, you know. Very quiet. We'd pay good money... (rustles coinpurse)
Keira: "Not that I nkow the area, but you're in what the locals lovingly call .. the Kennels"
* Nissa smiles a bit as a reaction to Cur's laugh.
* Sophia looks upset as cur laughts
* Cur stops laughing
Sophia: ohh, well do you know where i can go to find adventure !
You whisper to Jshock: What is 'good money'?
Cur: "I'ma... Taus... help..."
* Sophia 's face brights up with a smile that only angles dream off, coupled with the ignorace of youth
Keira: "Don't mind him, " * flick, Cur has a frowning clown face again fro a moment *
Taus: (( Taus is not here right now. Please leave a message after the tone. *BEEP* ))
Cur: "Where'd that brigand get to?"
* Cur shrugs
Keira: "You're in luck. This very night... adventure awaits right... Here!" points striaght down.
Taus whispers: We're well to do... what do you normally rent for?
Sophia: huh? oh your just a crazy like the rest of these people arnt you
Nissa: All you need to do is find a way to get us down there, and you're in!
* Sophia leans in and inspects keira
Cur: "She's less crazy than most, believe it or not..."
* Nissa smiles.
* Keira shows the lovely one her d'Cannith Id w/ photo
Sophia: in to what? are you guys adventrures!!!
* Sophia gets excited!
Keira: "Official business you nkow." * wink *
You whisper to Jshock: The man wrings his hands. "Hmm... I'm not sure Thuurk will like it. He's particular about what goes on here during the Goblin Market."
Sophia: wow!!!
Sophia: im soo excited !! i wanna help you guys!
Sophia: my last 3 advernturing parties all ended up dead!!
Sophia: im sooooooo lonely
Nissa: A- and, that hasn't deterred you?..
Keira: "I'm sure taus won't mind having someon elike you to loo... to join us."
Cur: "Well that's encouraging..."
* Sophia talks about her dead "advernturing parties" like shes getting a present on christmas
You whisper to Jshock: You suspect by the name and the way this part of the city is run that he is referring to a House Tharashk official.
Taus whispers: Like I said, we're very quiet. Won't leave a mess. (Tries to look desperate)
Sophia: well.... i survived
Cur: "Are you any good in a fight?"
Jshock says to the GM: Bluff Check for 27
Sophia: my name is sophia , my friends at home call me lucky spohia!, nice to meet you
Sophia: umm a fight... i dont like to fight but i will try my best...
* Sophia bows to cur
* Cur raises an eyebrow
Nissa: My dear, fighting tends to come with adventure.
Nissa: they go hand and hand unfortunately.
You whisper to Jshock: He looks like he is pondering. "Well, damn. I'd say 20 galifars would make it worth the risk."
Sophia: well thats true... thats probally how all my old groups ended up dead
Keira: "I guess what he's asking, dear, is how you fight? When it's necessary of course."
* Sophia is still smiling
Cur: "What talents do you have?"
Sophia: umm well immm good at shopping
Nissa: (( LOLOL ))
Cur: "...."
* Sophia shows off her robes
* Cur admires her robes
Taus whispers: *Taus beams* We won't let you down, I promise! 20 Gal is more than I have on me, but I'll be back to secure the funds!
Cur: "Great. How about you shop for a tent. We need to rent one for the night."
Sophia: Sooo whats the mission?
* Nissa mutters to Keira "are they always like this around attractive women?"
Sophia: a tent!!
Taus whispers: Taus runs off "gleefully"
Sophia: sure i know just where to get one... althought i got into a fight with the owner of the tent shop...
* Taus returns
Keira: "Well, unless Taus can rent a place, we're going to have Cur do some agreesive negotiations so we can use a warehouse's basement."
Taus: "Soo... how badly did we need a warehouse?"
Cur: "Judging by your tone? Not that badly..."
Cur: (( ))
Taus: "20 Galifars badly?"
Keira: "It'd be much easier than digging in the street, sh replies not looking away from sophia
Nissa: Like I've been saying, I've been known to get my way using a bit of Arcana.
Nissa: (( Guys, my Arcana check is a nice +14 ))
Taus: (( how much is 20 gal, anyway?" ))
Keira: (less than what is STILL in the party fund)
Taus: (( sweet ))
Sophia: umm ill pay!
Nissa: (( And can be used in diplo, intimidate and bluff ))
Sophia: i have loads of money!
Keira: (galifar is gold as I recall)
Nissa: (( yeah ))
Sophia: i just want to adventre!!!
Cur: "20 Galifars isn't too bad. A warehouse would be more secure."
Taus: "Great! She'll pay. Who were you again?"
* Sophia sticks out a bunch of gold and hands it to Taus
Nissa: (( I'm guessing you have 8 int? ))
Nissa: (( ))
Cur: "Taus this is Sophia. Sophia has just joined us."
Sophia: I"M sofia, where im from they call me lucky sophia
* Taus makes a face
Sophia: (btw its with a ph so if i spell it wrong its becasue im typing to fast)
Nissa: Where exactly are you from?
Taus: "Another stray? Really?"
Nissa: Excuse me, I'm no stray.
Sophia: umm well i was from a small village in the eldeen reaches... but it burned down right before i left... it was horrible most people died
* Sophia is still smiling beautifuly
Nissa: (( people die all around her, but not her. Anybody else not like the sounds of that? ))
You whisper to Betsy player: take 20 gp off your record
* Taus pockets Sophie's gold before someone notices
Cur: (( Yeah, doesn't sound good... ))
Cur: (( But she beat Cur's Will Defense ))
Keira: (those were just low grade NPC's tho... WE'RE the stuff of legends )
Taus: "OK. I'll just go pay the man, then. If anyone asks, scroll of the month club. Got it?"
Sophia: (lol)
Cur: "Got it."
Keira: "RIght, thanks Taus"
Cur: "I'm Cur. By the way."
Sophia: nice to meet you Cur
* Cur grins, showing off his gleaming green teeth.
Cur: (( XD ))
* Sophia holds out her hand to shake it, smiling all the way
Nissa: (( That also look like you Xie? ))
You whisper to Jshock: The man takes your money. "You just need to be out by dawn. And if a Tharashk patrol catches you I'll swear you broke in. Got it?"
Cur: (( Hahahaha. Well I do have cavities... ))
Taus whispers: *Taus raises an eyebrow*
* Cur takes her hand cautiously and shakes it
Sophia: (you feel a little shock jolt though you as you clasp sophia's hand)
You whisper to Jshock: He says, "We're all looking out for ourselves, buddy."
* Sophia winks at Cur
* Cur knew there had to be a catch
Cur: (( ))
Nissa: (( Hahaha ))
Taus whispers: Yep.
Keira: ( she's a living joy buzzer, eh )
Sophia: (i took joy buzzer as a feat)
Taus: (( what is it, Lassie? Timmy fall down the well? ))
Cur: "Well..."
Taus commandeers a warehouse just 20 feet from the spot the Yeraa mentioned. After inspection, it doesn't have a basement, but it is certainly a more conspicuous edifice than a tent. The crowds will still be passing by, but hopefully you'll have an easier time hiding the digging.
Cur: "gj Taus"
Nissa: So, do we have anything to dig with?
Cur: (( Sorry, habit ))
Taus: "You say that now... keep an eye out for patrols."
Nissa: (( Ignore that then. ))
Cur: "Well done Taus... This is much better than being outside..."
Taus: "This rental wasn't exactly legit."
Keira: "So.. Calden. That other business of yours. Any chance it'll be done before nigthfall?"
Calden: "We can certainly give it a try. It will take some doing to find Jurgen, I would imagine."
Taus: (( hey wait... what's everyone's Perception now? ))
Sophia: oohh whats jurgen?
Cur: "We'll need to ensure security, keep an eye on the entrances and such..."
Sophia: and evil warlord who has kidnaped your long lost love?
Nissa: (( Yeah, we lost both perception beasts ))
Keira: (how late is it? don't recall how long yeraa was searching)
Taus: (( I'm +7 ))
It is about 2 hours to sundown.
Sophia: ((im +2 not very perceptive.. if you havent noticed))
Taus: "Long story, kid."
Cur: Perception Check: 8
Cur: (( Yeah, no ))
Sophia: Ohh so it is a love story!!!
Sophia: i LOOOVVEE love storied
Taus: "Nope."
Cur: "Not a whole lotta love"
Calden: "I think it could probably wait until tomorrow, Keira. If we get caught up in it, we might miss Yeraa."
Keira: (my percept is trained.. so +9 )
* Sophia frowns breiftly but then returns to her normal happy state
* Cur investigates the warehouse, checking all windows and doors to ensure security
Keira: "We wait then. C'mon Sophia. We can windwo shop until its tiem."
Sophia: Ohhh awesome
Sophia: we need to find you some new clothes keira, these things you wear are sooo last year
Nissa: Mind if I join you two?
Taus: (out of earshot) "She's very... bubbly, wouldn't you say, Cur?"
Nissa: I'd love to inquire more about the Crown.
Cur: (To Taus) "Not the word I was thinking, but yeah... You ever known any other human women like that?"
Keira: "It's the job, you know? Practicality over fashion. * sigh * But I must endure it."
Keira: "I don't mind, Nissa."
Sophia: yea it looks like cur and taus endure that part of the job alot
Taus: "Not from my part of Sharn, no..."
Cur: "I don't trust her."
Taus: "She did pay for the warehouse, though."
Keira: ( .. the girls shop and talk... the boys talk about the girls... )
Nissa: (( Totally. ))
Sophia whispers: haha yea i should get gmail i cant say anything
Cur: "No woman treats me with dignity."
Nissa: (( HAHAHA ))
* Keira will gradually fill Nissa in on all they've learned about the Ashen Corwn and its constituent parts, including Zaraani's Solitaire
Taus: "Have you seen your teeth lately? Scrub those points!"
Nissa: (( Yeah, I figured we don't need to repeat it all ))
Cur: "Let's just say I'll be keeping an eye on her..."
Nissa: Interesting, interesting.
Taus: "And the scowling. Would it hurt you to smile once in a while?"
Cur: "... I don't scowl!"
Taus: 'Please."
Keira: "By the way, Nissa? can you do presitidigitaion cantrips?"
Cur: "Yeah... well... you... wear too much black."
* Nissa 's orb vanishes from her hand and reappears a moment later.
Nissa: Yup.
Taus: "It's advertising."
Keira: "Great. From now on, whenever Cur scowls, we have to put a clown face on him.. Deal?"
Keira: "well, unless we NEED him to be scowling//" * wink *
Nissa: It seems like that'd be quite often.
Nissa: I think we should take shifts.
Taus: (( ahh, Eberron.. so grimdark. ))
Keira: ( .. long stroy short.. the girls windowshop untill one of Yeraa's crew or Cur/Taus collect them )
* Cur scowls
Sunset approaches and you meet again at the spot Yeraa said she'd meet you. A few vendors are setting up tents, but the plaza is mostly empty. The Kech Volaar are already there, and have the cobblestones pried up from the ground. There are two new goblins among the group that you have not met before.
Nissa: (( Of course, all the girls are Arcana and all the guys are martial ))
Nissa: (( typical. ))
Sophia: (lol)
Keira: "Guys.. didn't you tell them about the warehouse?"
Cur: (( ... is Nissa a girl? ))
Nissa: (( Yeah >. ))
Nissa: (( I'll link the full pic ))
Cur: (( HAHAHA. Oops, sorry ))
Cur: (( White goblins, all look the same to Cur ))
Taus: " mean...?"
Yeraa: "Are you prepared? We will start digging down now."
Taus: "Yeah, warehouse is free..." *points to warehouse*
Keira: "Uh, Yeraa? we rented that building," points, "For better security. You should dig from in there."
* Yeraa looks over to the warehouse, and then down at where they are starting to work.
Cur: (( Oops ))
Yeraa: "But that is not where the Circlet led us."
* Sophia walks it.... "this is soo exciting"
Cur: "Near enough... We'll have fewer complications this way."
Keira: "Then dig diagoanlly from within." * explains if the geometry is beydn the goblin
Cur: "You know, House Tharashk complications..."
Yeraa seems a little frustrated, but she speaks a few commands in goblin, and the crew moves into the warehouse.
She surveys the inside, appearing to be sizing up the situation.
Taus: (( man, that landlord is going to be pissed in the morning ))
Yeraa: "This will do, though the floor will be destroyed."
Nissa: @Taus, "You gave them a fake name, right?"
She commands more, and the goblins begin ripping up the floorboards.
Keira: (it's for things liek this that I made Keira unaligned )
Taus: "Please."
Xie is disconnected.
Xie is disconnected.
Nissa: Just had to be sure what to expect.
* Keira switches places with Sophia and watches the street...
Keira: Perception Check: 20
Yeraa: "You will still need to hide our activities. The building helps hide the sounds, but this is still a public market. You will need to keep the passing crowds from noticing. Especially Tharashk patrols."
Nissa: (( WHere I got nissa from ))
DM: It's time for a Skill Challenge!
Goal: Give the Wordbearers time to find the orb by hiding their activities from the crowd.
Complexity: 12 successes or 6 failures, whichever comes first.
Primary Skills: Any but Perception and Insight
Secondary Skills: Perception and Insight
Roll Initiative!
Your idea to rent a warehouse gives you a +2 bonus throughout the skill challenge.
Keira: Roll for Initiative: 14
Taus: Roll for Initiative: 15
Nissa: Roll for Initiative: 16
Xie has connected.
Keira whispers: I love being a useful player... in my college days all my characters were terrible
Nissa: (( None of us currently have a good basic attack though >. ))
Keira: (roll init for skill challenge Cur)
Cur: Roll for Initiative: 6
Xie: (( Anyone got a good RBA? ))
Xie: (( Or RBA based powers, sans-Sari? ))
Sophia: ((i mines +9)
Sophia has received initiative.
* Sophia heads over to one of the goblin stands and starts to bargin for some goods
Sophia: (what good are over here?)
A vendor selling tribek hides is at the stall nearby.
Keira: (she could probably get away with a pure Cha check to casue gaucking )
Sophia: OHHHH tribek HIdes!!!
Sophia: I have been looking for these everywhere!!!
Nissa: (( Bend over a bit and that'll be a good enough distraction ))
* Sophia is speaking loudly
Sophia: (...)
Nissa: (( While looking through the shops ))
Keira: (Bluff if you have it woul dbe better)
* Sophia is flaunting her stuff
Sophia: Bluff Check: 31
Nissa: (( WOAH ))
Taus: (( DAAAAMN ))
* Keira get's distracted from the digging
Xie: (( XD ))
Nissa: (( Sexiest 31 ever. ))
Sophia: (( now you're never going to belive a thing i say))
Quite a few men (humans, half-orcs, hobgoblins, and a shifter) stop and stare at Sophia, looking her up and down. Their intentions are pretty clear.
Xie: (( Already don't ))
DM: Successes: 1
Failures: 0
Nissa has received initiative.
* Nissa sets up a small sack in front of her
Nissa: (( down the street ))
Nissa: "Come one come all! Witness an amazing spectacle of illusion and magic!"
* Nissa does a little magic show.
Nissa: (( and also has that sac out for money ))
Nissa: (( feel free to fill it ))
Nissa: Arcana Check: 31
As Nissa starts her show, the hobgoblin tribek vendor begins to convince Sophia to try on a hide for size. After she removes her own clothing first of course.
Nissa: (( Way to steal my thunder. ))
Sophia: ((lol))
Nissa: (( I've got decent Cha but you don't see me struttin my stuff. ))
Meanwhile, Nissa puts on an amazing show of lights and spectacular sounds. It draws the attention of the gawking men from Sophia. Except for the shifter.
DM: Successes: 2
Failures: 0
Taus has received initiative.
* Taus has rigged small alarms near the entrances, giving us time to cover up if someone comes near
Taus: Thievery Check: 15
Taus: (( WTF ))
Keira has received initiative.
* Keira sets up in another area of the market... Retelling famos tales and people's favorite myths out of yore...
Xie: (( Worst electronic dice rolling evar ))
Keira: History Check: 34
Cur has received initiative.
Taus finishes and looks over his handiwork. Unfortunately he steps on his own trigger and an alarm goes off, attracting the attention of a few passerbyers towards the warehouse.
* Xie lurks in the alleyway and scowls at any and all passerbys.
DM: Successes: 2
Failures: 1
Cur: Intimidate Check: 10
Xie: (( XD ))
Nissa: "One time only in Greywall! Please donate generously folks! I've two children waiting at home with my good for nothing husband!"
* Xie is distracted and scowls poorly
An old half-orc sees Cur and walks up, clearly unaffected by his scowl.
DM: Successes: 2
Failures: 2
Keira: (I got a 34, btw )
Taus: (( pwned ))
Half-orc: "So what are you selling in this large booth, sonny?"
Sophia has received initiative.
Cur: "We're closed..."
Cur and Taus have unfortunately attracted the attention of this man, rather than the opposite.
Keira whispers: should be 3 successes... an no crowd reaction to my Tales of Yore?
Half-orc: Successes: 3
Failures: 2
* Sophia looks towards the locals that have taken a notice to her "THIS THING IS TRYING TO CHEAT ME"
A few children have gathered around Keira to listen to her tales.
Sophia: Diplomacy Check: 22
Sophia: (24 it should be)
Everyone looks Sophia's direction as she yells, including the old half-orc. The hobgoblin vendor begins to protest vehemently.
Half-orc: Successes: 4
Failures: 2
Nissa has received initiative.
* Taus tries to catch Cur's attention. Distract that guy!
* Nissa continues with a second act of her magic show, interspersed with her complaining about her god for nothing husband (fictional husband of course"
Nissa: Arcana Check: 20
Nissa: (( Every good magic show has a bit of humour mixed in. ))
The old man, and the crowd seem a little bewildered by the flurry of activity going on in this section of the Goblin Market.
Half-orc: Successes: 5
Failures: 2
Taus has received initiative.
* Taus tries to spread a rumor of plague rats sighted near the warehouse
Cur: (( Please... ))
Sophia: ((this is going to casue everyone to come see the rats))
Taus: (( it'll work this time! I promise! ))
Sophia: ((we know the roll))
Taus: Bluff Check: 22
Taus: (( se??? ))
Taus: (( See??? ))
* Xie applauds timidly
Half-orc: "Rats?! By the Traveler, I don't need the plague again. Almost killed me 30 years ago. Have a good day sir."
Half-orc: Successes: 6
Failures: 2
Keira has received initiative.
* Keira embellishes her stories with images of the scenes and other simple sound effects.... Arcana 14
Keira: bleck
Cur has received initiative.
Cur: (( He doesn't need the plague, /again/?? XD ))
Cur: "Watch out for the rats, sir!"
Cur: Athletics Check: 22
* Cur picks up the old man and carries him away from the warehouse
Cur: (( ? ))
One of her arcane incindiaries unfortunately flies off towards the warehouse and hits it, causing a flash of light. The crowd's attention is drawn towards the building.
DM: Successes: 6
Failures: 3
Sophia: (lol @ cur)
Then the crowd laughs as Cur carries the man away up the street a bit.
DM: Successes: 7
Failures: 3
Sophia has received initiative.
The Kech Volaar are experts at excavation, digging swiftly through six feet of gravel and dirt to find a cracked slab of blood red stone. With pry bars and rock hammers, the seekers force an opening, revealing a five-foot-wide shaft heading directly down. The light of a shrouded lantern shows a rough rock wall laden with handholds and footholds.
Nissa: "My husband barely lifts a finger around the house. Some days I polymorph him into a pig, I find it suits him betterm and he does too!"
Yeraa pops her head out of the hole and tells Taus...
Yeraa: "We've found the tunnel! We're going in!"
Nissa: "He doesn't ever want me to change him back!"
Sophia: I can't take it any more! Won't some stong helpful man help me from being swindled from this thing!!!
* Taus gives her the thumbs up
Sophia: (are we done)
Nissa: (( yeah, but if we all go at the same time it's suspicious ))
Keira: (need 12 success... 5 more)
Hobgoblin: "Lady! I don't know what you're up to, but I'm not cheating you!"
Sophia: please help me!!!
Nissa: (( Oh, we're not done? ))
Nissa: (( Oh, sorry. ))
Cur: (( brb ))
Sophia: *somehow a gust of wind comes up from below sophia and lifts her skirt and she lets out a cry as she keeps it from going over her knees (think marylin) and lets out a cry "please help")
Sophia: Bluff Check: 21
Hobgoblin: "Oh my! Please don't go, lady, this is great for business."
Hobgoblin: "Come one come all, and enjoy the beautiful show. Finest legs in Graywall. And I'm having a sale!"
Hobgoblin: Successes: 8
Failures: 3
Nissa has received initiative.
Nissa: "May I have a volunteer from the audience?"
Nissa: "How about you, the strapping young man in the front row."
A patrol of orc Tharashk guards approaches the warehouse.
Taus: (( DOH!! ))
Strapping Young Man: "Yes? Sure, I'll help."
Tharashk Guard: "What are you doing here? I've not seen you here before."
* Strapping Young Man waits patiently to help Nissa.
* Nissa puts clown makeup on his face with the wave of her hand
* Taus looks around. Who, me?
Nissa: Arcana Check: 21
Nissa: "Oh, nevermind, you can take a seat."
Nissa: *The crowd laughs*
Nissa pulls off the illusion so subtley that the man doesn't notice what happened to him. The crowd roars in laughter, and his inabiltiy to know what is going on makes them laugh more.
Strapping Young Man: Successes: 9
Failures: 3
Nissa: "Everybody, a round of applause for our oblivious volunteer."
* Cur doesn't think that putting clown makeup on someone is very funny
Taus has received initiative.
* Taus grabs the guard's coinpurse and hauls ass, parkour style!
Taus: Acrobatics Check: 29
Tharashk Guard: "Hey! Damn thief! Get him!"
The patrol runs after Taus.
Tharashk Guard: Successes: 10
Failures: 3
* Keira continues with the Tales, adding spicier bits to encourage a broader audience.... History 24
Calden: "Cur, that Taus is an ass. Effective, but still an ass."
Keira has received initiative.
Keira: (^ history 24 )
Cur: "Yeah... And he's OUR effective arse..."
* Cur chuckles
Cur has received initiative.
The small crowd-- including the children-- keep listening to Keira. A woman says, "Doesn't she know there are children listening?!"
Tharashk Guard: Successes: 11
Failures: 3
Nissa: (( LOL ))
Cur: "Catch that thief!"
Cur: Athletics Check: 14
* Cur ru- jogs after Taus
Taus: (( waitaminute... ))
Cur runs off towards the patrol, and one of them turns around.
... just after Cur trips over a tent and knocks it over.
Keira: (.. and Cur stumbles between Sophia and her onlookers )
Cur: (( I was hoping to be the one to catch you ))
DM: Successes: 11
Failures: 4
Sophia has received initiative.
Keira: (just nede 1 more success)
 Sofia's Pissed (Free Action) • Personal
Effect: Hell hath no furry like a woman scorn
Taus: (( BAD typo there ))
Sophia: LISTEN your going to give me what im asking or im going to get my friends here to take out your stand
Keira: (he's tryign to sell HER now! that cur.. err.. that bastard )
Sophia: Intimidate Check: 21
Hobgoblin: "Listen lady. Me and the crowd are just enjoying the show you're puttin' on. Nice legs. I think they wanna see more, but it's getting late. It's time for me to pack up. I'll give you a free hide though for helping me sell so many."
Hobgoblin: Successes: 12
Failures: 4
Sophia: (joy i love free stuff)
Nissa: (( So we're good now, right? ))
The crowd is thinning out as the Goblin Market begins to shut down. You have successfully kept the crowd from noticing the actions of the Kech Volaar. Tikulti's voice suddenly comes through the sending stone.
Keira: (yep.. time ti finsh the shows)
Cur: (( Well aside from two of us being entangled with local law enforcement, fine ))
Congratulations! You each receive 175 experience points.
* Taus ditches the purse and HIDES!
Tikulti: “The orb is found and taken. We are making our way back now."
Taus: Stealth Check: 26
Nissa: "Thank you ladies and gentlemen, but it is getting late and I should be heading home to my children and pig for a husband. No seriously, I left him that way all night."
* Cur picks himself up and limps away
Taus loses the patrol and doubles back towards the warehouse.
* Keira winds her Tale down to it stirring... and funny.. conclusion
Nissa: "Please, if you enjoyed the show, help fund street performers by donating a few pieces of copper"
* Sophia blows kisses to her fans and waves goodnight
You spot a familiar face in the dispersing crowd. Demise—the Emerald Claw elf who posed as Lady Dannae at Morgrave University— is here, in dark leather robes, watching you with a thin smile. Nearby, three gnolls dressed in scale armor cackle as they charge forward. Whispering, two small humanoid shadows flit from near Demise toward you.
Demise is visible to players.
Filching Wraith 1 is visible to players.
Filching Wraith 3 is visible to players.
Graywall Gnoll Mercenary 1 is visible to players.
Graywall Gnoll Mercenary 2 is visible to players.
Graywall Gnoll Mercenary 3 is visible to players.
Nissa: Oh.
Cur: (( Dun dun DUUUUN! ))
* Nissa quickly pulls out her orb and staff.
Sophia: (ok till next week then)
Keira: The GM in me says... Maybe ashe will join inthe fight too!
Keira: maybe he cynically watched sophia's... performance?
Xie: gg you guys
Until next time...
Keira: night xie