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* Tygaran waves
JeffG: 'Lo. Thanks again for setting this up.
JeffG: Mir will be on in a bit, sounds like. Mid-mission.
Suen Wisp: * hovers at Mir's shoulder * ...
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Trilliny: 'Lo.
=^v^=: Yo
Mir: (( Seems like we kinda got beat up in that fight when I left ))
Trilliny: (( Manageable, I think. The health bars don't show the 60 THP. ))
Mir: (( Yes, managable, assumign Oasis doesn't get surrounded or something... 30 damage/round without hitting is mean ))
Trilliny: (( Yeah. Mir's probably better suited to tank them while Oasis distract Mr. Insub. ))
Mir: Anyways
Trilliny: Mhm. Copy tokens onto Mansion?
Suen Wisp: I can do that...
Mir: I supposed if you wanted to like stand around there?
Trilliny: *shrug* Atmosphere.
Tygaran: copied them to the lab area...
Mir: (( Also, woo double xp ))
Trilliny: (( Okay, pasting the previous dialogue... ))
Trilliny: Trilliny: “Blasting their plane so far out of orbit it never synchronizes with Eberron again has barely slowed them down. And what do you suggest? Negotiations? How well has that worked here, among mortal races that fear death?” Mir: “I have personally negotiated with people from that plane and it has worked out. And it was based on besiging their outpost.” Trilliny: “…What.” Trilliny looks disbelieving of that.
Mir: "Yes, it was quite... mundane. We simply marched up to a tower in the plane we found Suen here, then after a cursorary fight, we ended up having the drian Dary help out the clan Fardinann was apperently helping wipe out."
Mir: (( Pretend I spell okay. Also driad ))
Trilliny: "Clan?"
Suen Wisp: "Desert nomad eladrin of Thelanis."
* Mir shrugs, "I do not really know the details much. I have just heard that some group of sand nomads were killed to the last man, who was a persistant thorn in the side of Oasis and Fardinann"
Trilliny: "So... you're saying you fought these quori in a tower that were aiding this nomadic eladrin clan?"
Suen Wisp: "It was a feyspire within a Dal Quor fold inside Thelanis. The leader of the spire, Obrix, was a fey of some kind. Some of the beings we encountered within were typers of quori."
Mir: "Yes. And after the fight, they agreed that the debt for his clan was repayed with said help. Fardinann was rather upset, but it seems she got out on a technicality." she points outside to the garden, "Hense the sapling."
Trilliny: "Why were the quori helping them?"
Mir: "Alliance, or so they said."
Suen Wisp: "Dary was a hamadrayd you see. She planned all along to pay off Fardinan's life debt since her mother owed him one. thinking ahead, she planted her seed out there."
* Trilliny nods at that.
Trilliny: "Mhm, alliance, sure..."
* Trilliny sounds cynical about that.
Suen Wisp: "Do keep in mind, ms gnome, those quori entities had primary concerns in thelanis, and weren't allied with the Inspired in Riedra."
* Mir sighs, "I can not convince you of anything if you are of the view that any differenting actions from what you expect is merely a trap or game by them."
Trilliny: "Do you -know- how often that's the case? We're talking about master manipulators that can spend centuries building up good will and infesting the societies they want to collapse."
Suen Wisp: "You' d be much happier living in the moment that fearing and dwelling on an uncertain future."
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Mir: Also his net is being flakey
Suen Wisp: -.-
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Mir: It's like everyone passes the lousy net ball
Mir: "I would argue that the centuries of good will is worthwhile."
Suen Wisp: (if you missed it) "You' d be much happier living in the moment that fearing and dwelling on an uncertain future."
Trilliny: (( I did. What was the last thing I said? ))
Mir: (( Right before that, yes ))
Trilliny: "Do you -know- how often that's the case? We're talking about master manipulators that can spend centuries building up good will and infesting the societies they want to collapse.""
Suen Wisp: ^ that
Trilliny: "You know how hard it is trying to expose the 'generous benefactors' of Riedra's Inspired as the conniving infiltrators they are?!"
* Trilliny sounds frustrated.
Trilliny: (( My reply post-DC. ))
* Trilliny glares at Mir.
Mir: "I would assume rather difficult if they offer peace and stability for loyality."
Trilliny: "It's -fake-. It's all -FAKE-. It's a candy-coated relaxant so you don't notice the poison."
* Trilliny takes a deep breath and nods.
Trilliny: (( Will reply to Suen after this. Gotta love multi-direction questioning. ))
Trilliny: "They'll imprison us in fake happiness and lock everyone into a cycle..."
* Trilliny looks over at Suen.
Mir: "Fake happyness?"
Trilliny: (( Gimme a moment to reply to her. ))
Trilliny: "Happier? HAPPIER?! I DON'T DESERVE-"
* Trilliny takes a deep breath.
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Tygaran: net hats you tonight...
MikeL: (( My ISP hates me tonight. What'd I miss? ))
Mir: (( I dinged 35 by afking in that raid in City.... ))
Tygaran: nothing, last lien was trill takign a deep breath
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Trilliny: "Living in the moment got me into this mess in the first place."
Mir: "Which mess? This group?"
* Trilliny shakes her head.
Trilliny: "On the run, hunted, trying to prepare for and prove something I didn't even know existed until it blew up in my face."
Mir: "Is there more then this isolated yet tragic incident?"
* Trilliny nods.
Trilliny: "I won't bore you with all the details, but I couldn't return to my old life after that. I went underground. Found others trained to handle this stuff. Years in the laboratory and academy, honing skills, learning, inventing..."
  Bluff: Rolled 24.
Mir: Insight Check: 20
* Mir frowns, "But... you seem to enjoy doing that."
Trilliny: "Doing what, exactly?"
Mir: "Spending time in labs, learning, inventing. You seem to take any excuse you can to do those things."
Trilliny: "Yes, that didn't change much. But the goal changed."
Mir: "Is you sister still alive?"
* Trilliny shakes her head.
Trilliny: "She died that night as I watched. I... cradled her body, broke down into tears..."
* Trilliny seems to blink a few times beneath the goggles as her speech breaks up a bit.
Trilliny: "My... how would you feel if Suen died right in front of you and her killer vanished into the ether?"
Suen Wisp: "And would she want you to throw your self into a life of vengeance and darken your own spirit to the point where youbecome little difference that what you're trying to destroy?"
* Mir frowns, "I... would rather... likely try to hunt down said person, but... as Suen says... the path of blind vengance... does not lead anywhere good..." she trails off quietly.
Suen Wisp: "Killing the single entity that caused the incident is justice; declaring war on the entire race speaks of a kind of madness."
* Trilliny frowns a moment at the mention of her sister.
Trilliny: "When the entire race seems hellbent on repeating it until the whole world is subjugated? Justice is merely defense. It's persued after the damage is done."
Mir: "You do not believe in fate or destany then?"
Suen Wisp: "I think you doubt know the whole story about the quori and their aims."
Trilliny: "I don't rely in fate or destiny. I rely on blood, sweat, and tears."
* Trilliny glances at Suen.
Trilliny: "I work with what I got. If you know where I can get more..."
Suen Wisp: "We spirits have had conflicts with them since the Age of Giants. It's not this world they're after. What they want is to prevent the change of their own world."
Mir: "Reliance is not important, if you believe in it, you accept that what you accomplish is, in fact, controled."
Trilliny: "I know. And our world influences them. This is just the latest to grind things to a halt here, to stop their... 'death'."
Trilliny: "Bunch of cowards, I say. They'll reincarnate and they're -still- scared to death of it. They'd die of fear if they actually had to live a mortal life..."
* Trilliny glances at Mir.
Trilliny: "What are you getting at, Mir?"
Suen Wisp: "There are many kinds of death. And some born of Dal Quor have accepted a fate some might consider worse than death to stop the Inspired."
Mir: "You seem to think that being 'controled' by forces is bad."
* Suen Wisp bods up and down at Mir's statement
Suen Wisp: "Human warlords do that all the time."
* Trilliny sighs.
Trilliny: "Yes, the kalashtar, I know..."
* Mir frowns, "Perhaps I generalize, but people want control."
Trilliny: "And why give it to people who care only about themselves?"
Trilliny: "I'll fight and die on my own terms."
Mir: "Few wish that, they would rather not fight nor die."
Mir: "And many want their own terms handed to them to pick from."
Suen Wisp: "I've spent ttime as if a human wihin a city in Riedra. The common folk well adn truly enjoy the stability and peace the Inspired and Chosen provide them. So what if they are ignorant of the Quori. Happiness is their truth, and it's real to them."
Suen Wisp: "How would you face the chaos that would be created if all the Inspired and their poliical influence vanished from Riedra?"
Mir: "By and large, your problem is that what you want is demonstratably less good for the vast majority of the population."
Suen Wisp: "Be watchful.. Be mindful.. Don't be obsessed."
* Mir hmms, "Though, I would suspect that if that did happen, you would disapporve of me and Suen becoming warlords and subjicating the chaos afterwards..."
Trilliny: "Depends how you'd go about it..."
* Trilliny sighs and glances at Suen.
Trilliny: "Does that mean you'd argue against the spirits' conflict with the quori?"
Mir: "Does it? I do not think that spirts die? Under warlords, one's choise of actions is still their own, but often it becomes a matter of do what is asked or suffer often fatal concequences. This is largly a worse sitation."
Suen Wisp: "We face the direct threats as they come. We don't go blaming everything on them. We exist in the here and now. We don't worry about what threats might come in the future. For even should you destroy them all, you only open up a path for some other evil to takes their place."
Suen Wisp: "There is a mortal saying I have heard, "The path to evil is paved with good intension. You seem to be standing at the head of that path."
Trilliny: "Then why bother fighting anything at all if you just assume it'll be replaced by something similar?"
Mir: "Personally, I enjoy fighting."
* Mir draws her sword which is curiously not actually sharp. "I have just grown tired of killing."
Suen Wisp: "The main difference is that what we do is to protect spfici things we cherish. Such is our nature. But we don't go looking for threats, as doign so can just make them focus on you and attack those same things we cherish just to hurt us."
* Trilliny laughs.
Mir: "That, and if you go seeking vengance against every one and thing at fault, eventually you come to a mirror."
Trilliny: "Isn't that why the loner has to be the bastard? If you have nothing else to cherish, they can only come after you."
Mir: "That thought does not work. You are doing things for a reason."
Mir: "That reason is what you cherish."
Mir: "Nobody truely has 'nothing'"
* Trilliny frowns a moment.
Suen Wisp: "If you cheirsh nothing, then there is no joy in you life. Continue to not cherish anything and you will begin to not care about anything, not even the lives of innocents."
Trilliny: "I still care about Taalah."
* Trilliny pauses a moment.
Mir: "Keep at that and... perhaps that mirror you look into is a pool of blood."
Mir: "And you will not care if it is yours or others."
* Trilliny sighs.
Trilliny: "You really think you can successfully keep them at bay forever without a counter-attack?"
Mir: "One can try diplomacy..."
Suen Wisp: "We think that the more then use violent methods, the more groups will appear to oppose them.. and the sooner their Age of Dal Quor with change. If all they do is govern and direct dreams down certain avenues without the loss of life or free will, we do not care."
Trilliny: (( Er, huh? Some wrong words in that? Can't follow it. ))
Suen Wisp: "We think that the more they use violent methods, the more groups will appear to oppose them.. and the sooner the Age of Dal Quor with change. If all they do is govern and direct dreams down certain avenues, without the loss of life or free will, we do not care."
Trilliny: "Uhuh, yes, no loss of free will. My sister trying to kill me was completely her decision..."
Suen Wisp: "Again you mistake a single entity or a small group of eneties as representatives of the entirety. Every species, be it spirit or quori or gnome... every one has renegades."
Mir: "Or there would not be free will."
Suen Wisp: "The entities of Dal Quor can be bron to feed on different emotions. Some feed on pure terror, nightmare, and cruelty. But these do not make up the majority of the Inspired."
Suen Wisp: ^ be born
* Mir sighs, "Actually. As a not related question. How long have you been at this Triliiny?"
Trilliny: "Seven years, give or take."
* Mir sighs, "Perhaps I am callous then... I... gave up on vengance in a mere... three..." she shakes her head again, "Though, when all those truely at fault die at the time anyways, it makes it hard."
Trilliny: "Vengeance for whom?"
Mir: "For?" she frowns and looks away, "Family... I did say airship crashes took them. All those responsible directly happened to also be on the crash." she shakes her head, "Pirates forced it down, no survivers, not even pirates... Bindings slipped on propultion above jagged cliffs, no survivers...." she sighs, "Who do you swear vengance on then?"
Trilliny: "Other pirates? If someone had killed them before they did that, your family would still be alive, probably."
* Mir frowns darkly, "And I did. It was not their fault nor doing though."
Suen Wisp: "That's liek saying "she was killed with a sword... let's kill all swordsmiths." "
Trilliny: "No it isn't. That would be trying to remove pirates by killing all the shipwrights."
Mir: "Not all swordsmiths, everyone who carries a sword."
Trilliny: "Piracy implies you're forcibly taking other airships. Once you do that, you can't really complain about being on the receiving end of what you dish out."
Mir: "Is a few rich people's baubles worth killing people over? Not all pirates are murderors either."
Suen Wisp: "What if the only reason you are doign so is becasue those in power have abused it and you are just talign back the food that was stolen from your family or at least the means to support them"
Mir: "What if you are just some punk kids that are attacking soldiers out of a false-placed sense of romanticm?"
Trilliny: "Then you better have a white flag ready."
Mir: "That does not always work."
Trilliny: "If you worry that much, you're begging to be paralyzed by indecision about knowledge you probably don't know against someone who, more likely than not, isn't too worried about just skewering you."
Mir: "Few can."
Suen Wisp: "But if one becomes too paranoid, pone would see that white flag as just another trap, attempting to lull one into lowering one's guard."
* Mir sighs, "It took me quite a while to descover the privledge of the strong."
Trilliny: "It's a possibility. So is the possibility you were tricked into attacking the pirates in the first place by someone that wants you both dead."
Trilliny: "How about this? How much did you worry that the necromancer spirit's servants were dominated, not willing?"
Trilliny: "What if we killed innocent thralls back there?"
Mir: (( Which necromancer? ))
Trilliny: (( The ones upon exiting the Vault. ))
Suen Wisp: (somnos vault I'm assuming)
Mir: "I did not attack to kill them."
Mir: "Until they stood back up from being slain"
Trilliny: (( Thought you did? There was only two survivors... ))
Mir: ((She only attacked the minions and the girl.))
Trilliny: (( Yeah, I meant the minions. ))
Mir: ((They were killed by fard and Oasis first... xp)
* Trilliny sighs.
Trilliny: "...How would we have carried them all back anyway..."
* Trilliny sighs. She looks a bit regretful about that.
Trilliny: "Can't always be clean..."
Mir: "You can always try. And I would have simply not carried them back."
Trilliny: "And what? Let them roam free? Or lock them in-"
Trilliny: "Wait, no, blasted hole."
Mir: "I do not consider attacking me a crime."
Suen Wisp: "If ti came to that, binding them and calling those Valkyries..."
Mir: "I would allow them to walk free if they snapped out of it before said authorities came by. Perhaps they will learn their lession."
Trilliny: "And if they commit more atrocities afterwards? It's... damned if you do, damned if you don't."
* Mir sighs, "Do you have any idea how many innocents die at any given moment? You can not save them. You can only save those that are available. If one starts blaming mercy for deaths, one should include blaming innocence for tragidy."
Trilliny: "Being too innocent leads to tragedy, yes."
Mir: "No, that is not what I ment, I mean that bad things happening to innocents is tragidy."
Suen Wisp: "CAN lead to tragedy. It doesn't always."
* Trilliny sighs.
* Trilliny shakes her head, as if to clear something out.
Trilliny: "I'd never seen control quite like that before. I'll have to be prepared next time..."
* Trilliny frowns.
* Mir sighs, "If such a control comes over me, I would suggest you run."
Trilliny: "What? And leave you to it?"
* Trilliny looks insulted.
Mir: "Yes, leave me to it."
Trilliny: "-Why-?"
* Mir sighs, "Because I do not think you could stop me, and I would rather you not try."
Trilliny: "Fuck -that-."
Trilliny: "You think I'd give up that easily?":
Mir: "If I did I would not need to ask."
Mir: "You are smart, not powerful."
Trilliny: "Knowledge is power. And I've been underestimated plenty of times."
* Trilliny actually seems offended at that.
Mir: "As you are doing of me. I ask of you do not attempt to fight me and just run. If you must attempt to save me, do it later when I am not compeled to try to kill you."
Trilliny: "Mir, look. For as -frustrating- as your naivity and optimism can be, I like you. Gods help me, I like you."
Suen Wisp: "My.. progress..."
* Trilliny stops mid-statement to glance at Suen.
Mir: ((And now it's alurcard Suen!))
Trilliny: "Hm?"
Mir: "You have rather readly threatened to shoot me if I was to turn on the party."
Trilliny: "If you turned of your own free will!"
Mir: "Or, even earlier, if I was to turn into a werewolf."
* Trilliny narrows her eyes.
Mir: "Thusly, progress."
Trilliny: "No, that was your fear of the Silver Flame talking. Honestly, long as you can't infect anyone, I don't give a damn."
Trilliny: "But look, you put up with me being a hostile, prickly porcupine, you covered me in battle, and your outbursts at my constant threats are rather endearing."
* Mir frowns, "I do not... fear the silver flame."
Suen Wisp: "That point is, your first assumption was that she eventually would turn on every. The impressions wasn't that you thought she might"
Suen Wisp: ^ everyone
Trilliny: "If I thought she would inevitably, then why would I have joined? I think your misinterpreting it."
Trilliny: "Frankly, I was more concerned about what -you'd- do."
* Trilliny looks back at Mir.
Mir: "What Suen would do?"
* Trilliny sighs.
Trilliny: "We already covered it. A slight... misclassification."
Suen Wisp: "She assumes we're all like the nogitsune."
Suen Wisp: "AssumED then."
Trilliny: "Or could go rogue. Powers can go to one's head..."
* Trilliny shakes her head a moment.
Trilliny: "Look, the point is, I enjoy being with you."
Mir: "I would venture to say that even that is a bit off. Perhaps that is merely a label for a fox spirt that DOES do that."
Trilliny: "And leaving you to a domination? Sapped of your free will? Frankly, I would rather die than be subjected to that shame."
Mir: "Similar to 'bandit' or 'murder' or 'king'."
Mir: "If I had no free will, I would no longer care. If I did, I would rather not kill you trying to save me."
Trilliny: "How about this? I'll withdraw at the last possible moment, if necessary, after exhausting everything else. Happy?"
Trilliny: "Otherwise we're gonna be arguing over who gets to be nobler until the sun rises."
* Mir shakes her head, "Such an agreement is not meaningful to me. Nevermind then. Do as you will."
Suen Wisp: "Too late." * chuckle * "Predawn is upon us."
* Trilliny sighs.
Trilliny: "And Mir?"
Mir: "Hmm?"
Trilliny: "I'm sorry."
Mir: "For what?"
Trilliny: "Oh, let's count the ways. For acting like a bastard, threatening Suen, threatening your adopted family here... or wait, was that an implied threat?"
* Trilliny sighs.
* Mir shakes her head, "You did what you thought was correct. That you changed your mind is better then any apoligy."
Trilliny: "Frankly, if any of them -did- turn on us, I'd still shoot them down, but at this point I'd peg the odds of that on a noble family revealing themselves as cannibals."
Mir: "I would rather you threaten then carry through on unspoken ones."
Trilliny: "If they're gonna be killed by a zealous slayer, it might as well be one that wasn't being friendly to them a moment earlier."
* Mir pales slightly at Tril's comment, "Stranger things have happened..."
Trilliny: "Yes, and I've heard most of them."
Trilliny: "Frankly, odds are higher that the Sleeper's agents would try to turn me against them with fabricated evidence in an attempt to turn me against the rest of the party."
* Trilliny frowns.
Trilliny: "It's tough being suspicious of them and trying to protect them at the same time."
Mir: "Hense I said quit the first one."
* Trilliny shrugs.
Trilliny: "You might've been clouded by kind deeds they did for you. But given that no one in town seemed to be complaining about werewolves, and Professor Prime didn't seem too concerned..."
* Trilliny sighs.
* Mir shakes her head, "It is more that I do not have a dropping guard."
Trilliny: "I -really- hope this trust isn't misplaced. I -like- Taalah."
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Mir: "I sleep with my armor available with but a gesture, I have my sword at reach always... I smiply turn into a wolf I need air."
Mir: "If they had attacked me, I had Etoile. They could neither fly, nor would they be able to catch him if they could."
Mir: "I often sleep in an unassalable pocket... dimention?" she shrugs, "Even here."
Mir: (( Tyg? You there? ))
Mir: Mir shakes her head, "It is more that I do not have a dropping guard." Mir: "I sleep with my armor available with but a gesture, I have my sword at reach always... I smiply turn into a wolf I need air." Mir: "If they had attacked me, I had Etoile. They could neither fly, nor would they be able to catch him if they could." Mir: "I often sleep in an unassalable pocket... dimention?" she shrugs, "Even here."
Tygaran: (i got it all.. eventually.. lag spike plus super slowdown when it autosaved =/ )
Mir: (( I was posting it for jeff there... ))
Mir: (( Is it frozen again? ))
Tygaran: not here...
JeffG: (( I'm back. ))
Trilliny: "Sleeping in a pocket dimension? And you call -me- paranoid?"
Mir: "It is my place though. I would suspect you would if you had one." she say a bit defensivly.
Trilliny: "Your place?"
* Mir nods, "It is always the same place where I open it. I do not think anyone else can get exactly there. Though Suen ate my moon..." she gives a slightly petutant frown to the wisp, "But... if you slept in the same spot all the time, it becomes 'home'."
* Trilliny glances at Mir, then at Suen, then back at Mir.
Suen Wisp: "I can put up another moon in there if you like. Maybe all twelve." * chuckle *
* Trilliny sighs.
Trilliny: "Anyway... I'll try to be a bit less... paranoid in the future."
Trilliny: "Long as you don't automatically dismiss me when I think something's rotten."
* Mir shakes her head, "I would do it if you suggested Taalah was... though.. .she's fifteen... that is...." she trails off.
Trilliny: "Kids can be vicious. Or possessed. Poison in the food would work wonders against us."
Mir: "It would. As I would never suspect her of it."
* Trilliny nods.
Trilliny: "I'll... hold off on the quori for now. Luckily all my anti-quori measures can be easily adapted to take care of this damned Sleeper, which seems to be all my concerns and then some."
* Trilliny sighs and mutters, "At least until I can learn more..."
Trilliny: "Speaking of which, I have something you may want to look at."
* Trilliny walks towards her workbench(es).
* Mir shakes her head, "I do not suggest holding off, I suggest considering that they are not all evil." she tilts her head, "What?"
* Trilliny yanks out a drawer and pulls out a large scroll.
Trilliny: "I must say, the challenge of building a synthetic body for temporary possession by Suen has been invigorating. Never built a constructed fox before."
Trilliny: "Never had such a direct tap to spiritual energy to work with, either."
* Trilliny unrolls it. It looks like a mechanical fox, intricately detailed with numerous notes in tiny Gnomish writing.
Mir whispers: It might be amusing if Mir actually uses her hat of disguise boon to change into Suen's humaniod form...
You whisper to =^v^=: added suen's shapechange macro, se to discplay text to self only..
Suen Wisp: "I still fail to see any appeal..."
* Mir shakes her head, "She is trying. I assume that the end result is in the idea that it will not be unplesent."
Mir: "And, if nothing else, it would make a cute pet."
Trilliny: "Unpleasant?! It would have speed and protection unrivaled by living foxes."
Mir: "Suen is not exactly either of those normally..."
* Trilliny shrugs.
Trilliny: "But she said she can possess them if need be. But why hijack someone else's body when the friendly local artificer can make one for you?"
Mir: "Plus, she could likely possess me."
Trilliny: "Less guilt about ruining it."
* Trilliny glances at Mir.
Trilliny: "Then how would you play with her?"
* Mir smiles, "Oh, I would suspect that we would together go do other things."
* Trilliny sighs.
Trilliny: "It still has combat utilities, though."
* Trilliny points at various notes.
Mir: "Hmm... were you aware that Suen can take a mostly human form?"
Trilliny: "I suspected it. However, a human construct would be much more... complex..."
* Trilliny ponders that a moment.
Suen Wisp: "I think she's totally missing the point of why we join with living things...."
Mir whispers: The silly thing is that Mir can't turn into a fox by default, them being small.
Trilliny: "Spiritual bonding?"
Mir: "I would assume because it is enjoyable to be alive."
Suen Wisp: "Sensations. Turf under one's claws, scents, wind blowing through one's fur as oen runs..."
As trilliny look sup she sees someone other than Mir standing there...
Trilliny: (( Is it an illusion effect? ))
Suen Wisp: (( yes ))
Trilliny: "Nice illusion."
Mir: Bluff Check: 36
* Mir is not particularly shabby at such things if necessary
* Mir nods her head, "This is what Suen would have looked like had she felt like it. Or had I insisted..."
Trilliny: "Why would you insist on Suen being in such skimpy clothing?"
* Mir laughs, "She offered."
Trilliny: "It covers up more of her shoulder than her exposed navel."
Suen Wisp: "It always seemed to appeal to the males..."
* Trilliny sighs.
Trilliny: "Yes, yes, of course it would..."
* Trilliny grumbles.
Trilliny: "Always thinking with their pants."
Mir: "Your minions are always thinking about pants."
Mir: "Did they come that way? Or did you make them?"
Trilliny: "One of the many mysterious yet entertaining quirks."
* Trilliny shrugs.
Trilliny: "But still, Suen didn't offer to turn into a man for you, Mir?"
* Trilliny looks over the blueprint a moment, marking in a few changes.
* Mir frowns, "... no?"
Mir: "Should she have?"
Trilliny: "Why are you asking me? I'm trying to figure out why she wanted to change into something more suited for wooing than for family."
* Trilliny grabs a part out of another drawer and begins modifying it.
* Mir blushes, "I... am fairly certain Suen was not thinking to start a family with me when we met."
Suen Wisp: "Khorvaire customs must be very boring..."
* Trilliny sighs and looks at Suen.
Trilliny: "Romance causes trouble more often than not, from what I've seen."
Suen Wisp: "What does romance have to do with clothing?"
Mir: "As does being alive, most would not give it up so readly though, Triliny."
Trilliny: "Pity. They could use it more productively."
* Trilliny glances at Suen.
Trilliny: "Uh... lots."
Trilliny: "At least, if you dress in a non-utilitarian fashion."
* Trilliny leans on the desk. She's obviously not dressed for romance, unless you think oil stains are sexy.
Mir: "Nevermind that me and Fardinnan are not clothed when we are in the form of animals."
Trilliny: "You're not trying to woo foxes, either. Your shield?"
* Trilliny holds out her hand.
* Mir frowns, "What about it. And what if I was? Would you know?"
Trilliny: "...Why would you? Shield, please."
* Mir sighs and holds out the sheild, "I just got it, please do not make it to much not a sheild. And because do you know if I am a human-ish elf that can turn into a wolf, an elfish human that can turn into a wolf, or perhaps I am a wolf that can not really decide between the two?"
* Trilliny frowns as she takes the shield.
Trilliny: "Point, but I'd think humanoids are more interesting..."
* Trilliny glances at Suen.
Trilliny: "...Kitsune with humanoid intelligence excepted, of course."
* Trilliny begins tracing marks on the shield and pulls out a weird tool.
Mir: "She offered to look human. I thought it was rather funny that she had the same hair color as me."
Mir: "And when she was a fox, she had the same fir color."
Trilliny: "...You... -do- realize that sounds a lot like tempting incest?"
* Trilliny grins mischievously and giggles as she revs up the tool.
* Mir frowns, "... what do you mean by that, Triliny?"
Trilliny: "We were talking about romance, then you mentioned the same hair colors as if you were sisters from the same litter."
Trilliny: "It was a strange junction."
* Trilliny walks over and dips the shield in a vat of... something.
Mir: "We were talking Suen's humanish form."
Trilliny: "I thought we had moved on to romantic clothes."
* Mir frowns, "Plus... Suen is at least 7 generations divergent of me."
Trilliny: "Mm. You thought about wooing one of the Wolf Brothers?"
* Mir shakes her head, "They are too much the same."
Trilliny: "Huh?"
Mir: "Exactly as I said. They are too similar to eachother. it would be rather difficult to tell them apart and I would not want both."
Trilliny: "You could give one to me."
Mir: "Also, I do not think them my type."
* Trilliny grins mischievously.
* Mir lookt at Triliny, "I... would question the size differential."
Trilliny: "I'm sure there are ways. I could be the Tenacious Slayer hunting his target and he could be the Devilishy Handsome Misunderstood One who tempts me with his wily charms."
Trilliny: "And then I chain him up and we do naughty things to each other during interrogations."
Mir: "I would suggest that would be a bit tastless considering the situation with Taalah's father."
* Trilliny 's grins disappears. She sighs.
Trilliny: "Ugh, so much for the joke. They're not my type either."
Trilliny: "Not that I have a type."
Mir: "That you are aware of. Unless you just go for anyone..."
* Trilliny sighs and looks at Mir.
Trilliny: "No. My workshop is enough for me."
  Bluff: Rolled 19.
* Trilliny begins etching the dipped shield.
Mir: Insight Check: 22
Mir: (( Not that suen wouldn't have a much better insight... >.> ))
* Trilliny sounds a tad bitter and defeatist about that statement.
Suen Wisp: passive insight = 30
Mir: (( Even Mir can't sneek stuff past Suen intentionally ))
Trilliny: "Besides, I have more important concerns than dating. Or romance."
* Mir shakes her head, "Perhaps, have you tried it?"
Trilliny: "No."
* Trilliny begins riveting reinforcements onto the shield.
Mir: "Ah. That would explain it. And Gnomes are not entirely common either, unless you do like those outside your race..." she shrugs, "You are perhaps right though, we have saving the world to do before such things. I would just suggest to not give up on the idea forever. Even though my marrage was... diplomatic.. in nature, it was still worthwhile..." she sighs, "Though I guess it would have been better for many if it had not happened."
* Mir shakes her head hard, "But.. it is best to focus on the good."
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Mir: (( that conenction... ))
Tygaran: I have work tomorrow morning, so I can eithe rleave the server up for a while and suen goes silent, or you can wrap this up for the time being...
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JeffG is disconnected.
Mir: (( Hmm... ))
Mir: (( I think conversations can happen at different times! Well, assuming none of us die on the current mission! ))
Mir: (( Not everyting that could be said needs to be said at the time right? ))
MikeL: Wrap up. Tygaran, you mind sending me the log?
MikeL: (( What'd I miss, BTW? ))
Mir: "Ah. That would explain it. And Gnomes are not entirely common either, unless you do like those outside your race..." she shrugs, "You are perhaps right though, we have saving the world to do before such things. I would just suggest to not give up on the idea forever. Even though my marrage was... diplomatic.. in nature, it was still worthwhile..." she sighs, "Though I guess it would have been better for many if it had not happened."
* Mir shakes her head hard, "But.. it is best to focus on the good."
MikeL: (( Aha. ))
MikeL: (( Yeah, true. ))
MikeL whispers: Hmm, I'm assuming the quori in this campaign are not as generally evil/insidious as they are in vanilla Eberron?
Tygaran: (this too probably) I have work tomorrow morning, so I can eithe rleave the server up for a while and suen goes silent, or you can wrap this up for the time being...
You whisper to MikeL: on sarlona, since they are actually in control, the Inspired tend to maintain the veneer of civility
MikeL whispers: Aha, so Trilliny would be right in that they're more... insidious and vicious in Khorvaire?
MikeL whispers: But since the spirits in Sarlona don't know about that...
You whisper to MikeL: they can be, in isolation; but even there its more insidiousness and less viciousness... so as to maintain the facade or benevolent ambassadors
MikeL whispers: Mhm. Hmm, it would be interesting if Trilliny's paranoia was actually useful in uncovering something truly underhanded involving them here... but probably outside the campaign's scope.
Tygaran: * yawn *
Tygaran: almost 1 am here.. so I really need to turn in
Mir: (( Welp, sleep for gm, crap connection for other player, double xp for me... ))