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Tygaran: evening
JeffG: Hey Tygaran. Long day, or weird hours?
Tygaran: I do taxes for H&R Blokc.. generally closing shift
Tygaran: so currently ends at 9 pm
JeffG: Aha, but Mon/Thu you have an earlier shift?
Tygaran: or i'm off... I put in my availability such that I have those evenings off by the time a game rolls around
JeffG: Gotcha.
JeffG: Anything you want to discuss before that RP? Curious about your thoughts on Trilliny integrating with the group so far.
Tygaran: Mir and Trilliny remoind me of the Rivalry paths in Dragon Age 2..
JeffG: True. Trilliny & Oasis, too.
JeffG: Heck, Trilliny and everyone except Faard, perhaps.
JeffG: Hopefully that'll soften in the future.
JeffG: Hilarious thing is, before the "incident", Trilliny would've loved to meet Suen.
Béline: * so .. at some point you seek out Beline... *
JeffG: Yeah, will leave the details up to you. I suspect either before she leaves that night, or before she meets the others in the morning.
Trilliny: (( BTW, mind grabbing a log of this? Want to post it on the forum, but I tend to DC often. ))
Tygaran: no prob
Scene: Early morning... Trilliny's constructs are marching towards the Embassy with thoswe things Trilliny wants to take into Eberron. She spots Beline relaxing in the water garden...
* Trilliny turns and walks toward her.
* Trilliny nods.
Trilliny: "Beline."
Béline: "Good morning, child."
* Trilliny , surprisingly, didn't try to sneak up on her this time.
Béline: "So serious this morning?"
Trilliny: "I have a lead. And we might not see each other again."
Béline: "Yes. There is liklely little more you can learn in this domain."
Trilliny: "Although it's great for scavenging."
Trilliny: "...Business first. What did you learn about the 2 Handmaidens?"
Béline: "There are actually three. Each originally served one of the slintered aspects of the World Serpent. These appeared as a Frost Wyrm, a Salamander, and the Earth Serpent."
Béline: ^ splinered
Béline: ^ splintered (spelling )
Trilliny: (( I get the gist. ))
Trilliny: "What about these 2 Handmaidens in particular? Why do they have Stasis fields on them? Why are they buried here, of all places?"
Trilliny: "And what's the connection between the World Serpent and the coatl? I'm assuming it's not just because they're all lizards."
Béline: "I am yet uncertain. It was in the early days of the Shulassakar. Our ancesters were once the human servants and disciples of the couatl. We hav esince evolved. The World Serpent is the primary avatar of the Progenitor dragon, Eberron. You know the story of the three? berron, Siberys, and Khyber?"
* Trilliny nods.
Trilliny: "Siberys shattered, Khyber contained, Eberron sleeps."
Béline: "Eberron is, in a sense, the Mother of the physical world. We also believe that the Couatl evolved from some of Siberys' essence."
Béline: "Ther Overlords, ancient and powerful beings of old, were both of Khyber, with Tiamat being the greatest of them."
Trilliny: (( born of, I'm assuming. ))
Béline: "Thusly, it was inevitable that serpentkin of Eberron and Siberys joined together in the great rebellion against Overlord dominance."
Béline: "However, one of our kind was corrupted and became an exarch of the Overlord we call Merrshaulk. This is the Sleeper."
Trilliny: (( Knowledge check for who Merrshaulk is? ))
Béline: (( nature or religion ))
  Religion: Rolled 36.
Trilliny: "So, the Sleeper is a corrupted shulassakar?"
Béline: (( the name is linked to a lizardfolk cult of the dragon below who used th ename Mi-Shao-Shur, and to the Yuan-ti deity, Zehir ))
Béline: "We would never accept a direct association, but he shared a similar ancestry. Within Eberron a more apt racial nature would be the Yuan-ti, for he founded that people."
Trilliny: "So the founder of the yuan-ti... stole some of the quori's essence, got trapped in his own dream, sounds like... and now he's loose again."
Béline: "Or he sought out the Quori to find a way to free the dark spirit of his overlord master and things didn't go as planned."
Trilliny: "If the quori are his allies, all the better. I look forward to wrecking havoc on Dal Quor."
Béline: "Be mindful of such negative emotions. They can be riden into the darker recesses of yoru mind."
Trilliny: (( ridden? ))
Béline: yeah
Trilliny: "That's where all the traps are."
* Trilliny mutters, "The positive emotions didn't help much, either."
Béline: "There are always beings in existance more powerful, knowledgable, or simply more cunning than one's self."
Béline: "Luckily some of these are sometimes on your side." * motherly smile *
* Trilliny sighs and frowns.
Trilliny: "Perhaps. And there are those that prey on the weak and all they hold dear."
Trilliny: "Laughing safe behind their retreats and planes while their unwilling lackeys die."
Trilliny: "The thought of teaching them -fear- one day is a precious joy."
* Trilliny smiles a moment. It isn't pleasant.
Béline: "Do not fret, you have made strong allies to fight against such forces."
Trilliny: "Headstrong, too."
* Trilliny sighs a moment.
Trilliny: "Oasis is more reckless than I am, and Mir seems too infatuated with Suen. I'm nervous one of them is going to make a hideous error."
Béline: "You are too quick to judge the Kitsune called Suen. I think it stems from a certain misconception as to her true nature."
Béline: "She is a nature spirit, and while mischevious she is allied with the greater spirit caleld Inari. All the legends you fear are actually the work of the nogitsune"
Béline: "The nogitsune are also fox spirited, but of a much darker nature."
Trilliny: (( Knowledge check for Inari? ))
Béline: nature or religion
  Religion: Rolled 28.
Unknown command: "oc Druidic religious lore - somethign to do with a Primal Spirit also referred to as the Ten-Tailed, or sometimes Thousand-Tailed, Fox.". Try /help for a list of commands.
Béline: (( Druidic religious lore - somethign to do with a Primal Spirit also referred to as the Ten-Tailed, or sometimes Thousand-Tailed, Fox. ))
* Trilliny pauses for a moment at that, gritting her teeth in thought.
Trilliny: "...You mind elaborating?"
Béline: "Primal Spirits are neither good nor evil in their basic nature. They simply Are. Some are associated with terrain features such as lakes, forests, mountains. Others are associated with groups of animals. The Great Bear, The Wolf Mother, and the Thousand-Tailed Fox. This later is also called Inari. These greater spirits are more sentient then others and help maintain the Natural Balance of Eberron. One way to think of them is as ofspring of Eberron and Siberys."
Béline: "But liek all beings, some fall to corruption."
Béline: "All the dark stories you hear of Kitsune, are actually the work of nogitsune/ A few of similar nature creating bad reputations for the majority."
Béline: "It is similar to the hag witches causing bad feeling agaisnt otherwise benevolent hedge wizards"
Béline: "I will not deny Suen has a mischevious streak, but it is not malicious in nature. It is more to point out stubborn pride and expose those flaws we deny exist within ourselves."
* Béline watches Tril's reactions
* Trilliny thinks to herself, her lip curling with a hint of regret, then notices Beline looking at her and goes straight to deadpan.
Trilliny: "...I suppose being treated like an enemy when not doing anything to warrant it would be the type of action that would push a kitsune to corruptability. I may have to rethink my approach on that matter."
  Bluff: Rolled 12.
Béline: * stern look *
Béline: "How did you feel when those of other races at the academy looked at you as if you were turnip loving tinkerer of ridiculous and impractical toys?"
* Trilliny shrugs.
Trilliny: "Wasn't important."
Béline: "And yet that is in essence how youve treated Suen and Mir."
Trilliny: "They were potential threats! I dialed it back once I figured Mir can't actually -infect- anyone."
Trilliny: "It's a perfectly valid response! They always get you by acting friendly and then striking when you least expect it!"
* Trilliny sighs.
Trilliny: "I will figure out a way to make it up to them... without humiliating myself forever."
Béline: * knowing maternal look *
Trilliny: "Honestly, if Oasis decides not to heed my warnings on contacting the FAR REALM due to this, I'll-"
* Trilliny shuts up when she realizes Oasis is probably already thinking that way, then sighs again.
A container overturns, and two small battalions of mini-forged line to fight out whos fault it was...
* Trilliny turns and yells,
Trilliny: "Save it for later! You have a whole new battlefield awaiting you in Eberron."
Béline: "I sense the energies of their Device peaking. I belive it is time for you to go."
* Trilliny nods.
Trilliny: "...I'll make it up to Mir and Suen somehow. As... personally humiliating as it might be..."
* Trilliny grits her teeth a bit, then shakes it out of her head and looks up at Beline.
Trilliny: "Thanks, sis... for everything."
* Trilliny closes for the parting hug.
* Béline returns the friendly hug, her seldom unfurled wings breifly encirling you
* Trilliny returns to herald the group in.
Béline: * parting smiel * "and do try to have fun sometimes, dear."
Trilliny: "Depends how much I have to tinker with!"
JeffG: Hmm, that actually segues nicely into an OOC question I had.
JeffG: Suen mentioned not being able to hold corporeal form anymore.
Door: * snicks open .. revealing Silwest turnign to observe who enters...
* Trilliny looks up at Silwest.
Tygaran: right, it uses up a lot of spiritual energy to create and maintain a physical form...
Trilliny: (( Would Trilliny be able to construct a mechanical body for Suen? ))
Tygaran: theoretically. No one really knows where the warforge animating spirits come from, or even if they'r eactually souls. Then theres the crystaline beings Trilliny observed in one battle (shardminds) who seemed to also be living constructs of a sort
Tygaran: point being, animating spirit plus appropriate 'vessel' = living construct...
Tygaran: of course, the real trick would be convincing her to use the body
Trilliny: Heh.
Trilliny: That's Trilliny's plan. I'm assuming a simple construct like that would be up her alley of research.
Trilliny: Plus it also solves the "need more pleasant wasps" problem.
Suen Wisp: (( I can picture this... ))
Trilliny: Anyway, that's a short-term goal. Trilliny plans to make it up by providing a constructed fox body for Suen.
Suen Wisp: "Oh let me..." absorbs healign surges, each becomeing a ball of fox fire which more to hover above Trilliny's head and shoulders...
Trilliny: And it fits with Trilliny's new feat, the Free Restoratives one.
Trilliny: And Suen's old role, sounds like.
Trilliny: Anyway, something for next session. Did you want RP between Silwest & Trilliny, or was that just the stopper for the night?
Tygaran: I'm currenty thinking of giving Mir a custom version of the Corellon's Boon alt reward.. granting her access to a couple of Suen's warlordy or wizardy powers
Tygaran: that was just filler / cinematics for the " "Depends how much I have to tinker with!"" comment
Trilliny: True. Trilliny -will- upgrade her one day!
Trilliny: And maybe figure out just how much personality she has under that and... well, maybe crank it up a bit. The loyal stoic servant bit isn't exciting enough.
Tygaran: heh
Tygaran: I'm curoius if you recognize where her token image comes from...
Trilliny: Nope.
Tygaran: I had good photo-fu that day
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* Tygaran points at deathwing's image again...
Tygaran: I had good photo-fu that day
JeffG is disconnected.
MikeL: I've never seen that image before, either. Firelands cultist boss?
Tygaran: I think deathwing was the poster-child of the Cataclysm release * shrug * I haven't really played in a long time
MikeL: I quit after 4.0.
Tygaran: my preference for solo questing and PvE lead me to 'private servers' .. I got some of the software, host a server, and play within the WoW world as if it were a single player game sometimes
MikeL: I played mainly for the plot & the grouping.
MikeL: And after Cataclysm, the plot got bad and the guild went sour.
MikeL: BTW, not sure yet what I'll want for an Epic Destiny, either.
MikeL: Got 2, maybe 3, ideas so far.
Tygaran: 5 levels to gain still before that...
MikeL: I like to plot ahead.
MikeL: And not sure how far ahead of time you want to set the buildup to that.
Tygaran: and if people let me know early which way they plan to go, I cna drop seeds of the development into the game
MikeL: Gotcha. I got a Dark Path & a Light Path so far.
MikeL: Dark Path, Trilliny might go Harbinger of Destruction if it really looks like she could unleash a Grey Goo scenario on Dal Quor.
MikeL: Light Path, I'm thinking Siberys Dragonmark of Handling, the one that gives you an extra standard each turn for one encounter for summoned creatures, and reflavoring that as some Summoning epic destiny.
MikeL: I figure if she reaches L30, she'll either destroy a huge chunk of Dal Quor, set up some mechanical shield that wards against Dal Quor, or end up creating a new race of living constructs.
Tygaran: ... or help Turn the Age of Dal Quor from dark to Light...
MikeL: She doesn't know that much yet... I think.
  Religion: Rolled 36.
MikeL: ...Or maybe she does.
Tygaran: she needs to meet some Kalashtar
MikeL: Some kalashtar she trusts. Trilliny's in a really dark mood so far.
MikeL: In the "I want to burn the entire plane to the ground and dance on its ashes" sense.
* Tygaran starts planning the innocent eyed simulacrum of Trilliny's sister with a +40 Bluff...
Evil Grin: muahaha
MikeL: You -do- realize she'd be too paranoid to trust -that-, right?
Tygaran: moral quandry... she can't emotionally trust anything that looks like her sister... but all signs and senses tell her it IS...
MikeL: Only way to solve this is via TESTING!
MikeL: You cannot bluff SCIENCE!
Tygaran: next interesting thing to observe... how Trilliny deals with the 'hostess' of this manor...
Tygaran: we'll find out on monday
MikeL: ...Huh, DUNDUNDUN, sounds like.