The following images are from "Roger Zelazny's Visual Guide" to Castle Amber by Roger Zelazny and Neil Randall.

DWORKIN - "He was a small man. Tiny might be an even better word. He was around five feet tall and a hunchback. His hair and beard were as heavy as [Corwin's after four years in prison]. The only distinguishing features in that great mass of fur were his long hook nose and his almost black eyes, now squinted against the light." - Nine Princes in Amber

OBERON - "Oberon, Lord of Amber, stood before me in his green and his gold. High, wide, and thick, his beard black and shot with silver, his hair the same. Green rings in gold settings and a blade of golden color." - Nine Princes in Amber

BENEDICT - "Then there was Benedict, tall and dour, thin; thin of body, thin of face, wide of mind. He wore orange and yellow and brown and reminded [Corwin] of haystacks and pumpkins and scarecrows and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. He had a long, strong jaw and hazel eyes and brown hair that never curled. He stood beside a tan horse and leaned upon a lance about which was twined a rope of flowers. He seldom laughed." - Nine Princes in Amber

ERIC - "Then there was Eric. Handsome by anyone's standards, his hair was so dark as to almost be blue. His beard curled around the mouth that always smiled, and he was dressed simply in a leather jacket and leggings, a plain cloak, high black boots, and he wore a red sword belt bearing a long silvery saber and clasped with a ruby, and his high cloak collar round his head was lined with red and the trimmings of his sleeves matched it. His hands, thumbs hooked behind his belt, were terribly strong and prominent. A pair of black gloves jutted from the belt near his right hip." - Nine Princes in Amber

CORWIN - "Green eyes, black hair, dressed in black and silver, yes. [Corwin] had on a cloak and it was slightly furled as by a wind. [He] had on black boots, like Eric's, and [he] bore a blade, only [his] was heavier, though not quite as long as [Eric's]. [He] had [his] gloves on and they were silver and scaled. The clasp at [his] neck was cast in the form of a silver rose." - Nine Princes in Amber

DEIRDRE - "...and then there was a black haired girl with the same blue eyes, and her hair hung long and she was dressed all in black, with a girdle of silver about her waist." - Nine Princes in Amber

FIONA - "Fiona--five-two, perhaps, in height--green eyes ... hair more than compensating for the vacant hearth, smoldering, reminded [Corwin], as always, of something from which the artists had just drawn back, setting aside his tools, questions slowly forming behind his smile. The place at the base of her throat where his thumb had notched the collarbone always drew [Corwin's] eyes as the mark of a mater craftsmen, especially when she raised her head, quizzical or imperious, to regard [the] taller others." - Sign of the Unicorn

BLEYS - "Then came a fiery bearded, flame-crowned man, dressed all in red and orange, mainly of silk stuff, and he held a sword in his right hand and a glass of wine in his left, and the devil himself danced behind his eyes, as blue as Flora's or Eric's. His chin was slight, but the beard covered it. His sword was inlaid with an elaborate filigree of a golden color. he wore two huge rings on his right hand and one on his left: an emerald, a ruby, and a sapphire, respectively." - Nine Princes in Amber

BRAND - "Then there was a figure both like Bleys and [Corwin]. [Corwin's] features, though smaller, [Corwin's] eyes, Bleys' hair, beardless. He wore a riding suit of green and sat atop a white horse, heading toward the dexter side of the card. There was a quality of both strength and weakness, questing and abandonment about him." - Nine Princes in Amber

LLEWELLA - "Next was Llewella, whose hair matched her jade-colored eyes, dressed in shimmering gray and green with a lavender belt, and looking moist and sad." - Nine Princes in Amber

CAINE - "Then came the swarthy, dark-eyed countenance of Caine, dressed all in satin that was black and green, wearing a dark three-cornered hat set at a rakish angle, a green plume of feathers trailing down the back. He was standing in profile, one arm akimbo, and the toes of his boots curled upwards, and he wore an emerald studded dagger at his belt." - Nine Princes in Amber

JULIAN - "Next there was the passive countenance of Julian, dark hair hanging long, blue eyes containing neither passion nor compassion. He was dressed completely in scaled white armor, not silver or metallic-colored, but looking as if it had been enameled." - Nine Princes in Amber

GERARD - "And a big powerful man regarded [Corwin] from the next [Trump]. he resembled [Corwin] strongly, save that his jaw was heavier, and [Corwin] knew he was bigger than [him], though slower. His strength was a thing out of legend. He wore a dressing gown of blue and gray clasped around the middle with a wide, black belt, and he stood laughing. About his neck, on a heavy cord, there hung a silver hunting horn. He wore a fringe beard and a light mustache. In his right hand he held a goblet of wine." - Nine Princes in Amber

FLORA - "The woman behind the desk wore a wide-collared, V-necked dress of blue-green, had long hair and low bangs, all of a cross between sunset clouds and the outer edge of a candle flame in an otherwise dark room, and natural [Corwin] somehow knew, and her eyes behind glasses [Corwin] didn't think she needed were as blue as Lake Erie at three o'clock on a cloudless summer afternoon; and the color of her compressed smile matched her hair." - Nine Princes in Amber

RANDOM - "... a wily-looking little man, with a sharp nose and a laughing mouth and a shock of straw-colored hair. He was dressed in something like a Renaissance costume of orange, red, and brown. He wore long hose and a tight-fitting embroidered doublet." - Nine Princes in Amber

DALT - "His hair looked golden, or even coppery, by what light there was upon it; but [Merlin] remembered it as a kind of dirty blond by natural light. His eyes...were green...Ass the light from [the] torches reached him, [Merlin] saw that he has on a heavy, green sleeveless doublet without a collar, over something black and also heavy, with sleeves that extended down his arms to vanish within green gauntlets. His trousers were black,as were the high boots they entered; his cloak was black and lined with an emerald green that caught [the] light as the cloak furled about him in shifting, oily landscapes of yellow and red. He wore a heavy circular medallion, which looked to be gold, on a chain about his neck; and though [Merlin] could not make out the details of its device, [he] was certain that it bore a Lion rending a Unicorn..." - Sign of Chaos

VIALLE - "Vialle is a little over five feet tall and quite slim. Brunette, fine- featured, very soft-spoken. She was wearing red. Her sightless eyes look through [Corwin], reminding [him] of darkness past, pain." - Hand of Oberon

MERLIN - "His hair was dark and there was a color in his face. His mount was a properly maned sorrel. He bore a cocked and bolted crossbow... "...He was beardless, slim. Possibly light-eyes within the squint of his aim. He managed his mount well, with just the pressure of his legs. His hands were big, steady. Capable. A peculiar feeling passed over me as I beheld him." - Hand of Oberon

RINALDO - "[Called] Lucas Reynard: six feet tall, red-haired, handsome in spite, or perhaps because, of an artistically broken nose, with the voice and manner of the salesman he was." - Trumps of Doom

MARTIN - "He was several inches taller than Random, but of the same light build. His chin and cheekbones had the same general cut to them, his hair was of a similar texture." - The Hand of Oberon

MANDOR - "...[Merlin] held it before [him] and put the others away, studying the blue eyes and the young, hard, slightly sharp features beneath a mass of pure white hair. [Mandor] was dressed all in black, save for a bit of white collar and sleeve showing beneath the glossy tight-fitting jacket. He held three dark steel balls in his right hand." - Sign of Chaos

DARA - "She stood a dozen paces from [Corwin], a tall, slender girl with dark eyes and close-cropped brown hair. She wore a fencing jacket and held a rapier in her right hand, a mask in her left. She was looking at [Corwin] and laughing. Her teeth were white, even, and a trifle long; a band of freckles crossed her small nose and the upper portions of her well-tanned cheeks." - Guns of Avalon

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