Gérard's Regency House Rules

This campaign uses the "COR" System of Amber Mechanics, with the following limitations/clarifications.

Beginning characters start with the following:

5 free Attribute levels

5 free Perks

8 free Powers levels

20 free skill levels

Levels can be shifted according to these equations:

1 Power = 2 Attribute = 4 Perks = 8 Skill

Notes on Attributes: All attributes start at Fair.

Notes on Perks and Faults: Each Perk has a cost of 1. However, Constructs are to be considered Powers (see below). The cost on Faults will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Notes on Power Levels: Construct Powers cost 5 Power Levels, Impersonal Powers cost 2 Power Levels,

Personal Powers cost 1 Power Level each.

Notes on Skills: All skills start out at zero. Terrible = 1, Poor = 2, Mediocre = 3, etc.

All Powers also contain the skill "Power Theory." This skill is a measure of one's understanding of the fundamental nature of the individual power; how it interacts with other Powers and with Shadow and Substance. This skill will be considered with any unusual application of power.