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Campaign Openning

The game opened on the day of the Great Storm; a side effect of Oberon repairing the Pattern. This Storm manifested within Amber as a hurricane which struck the coast of Amber, near the Castle and the City. The Storm is travelling through Shadow as a Wave of Chaos, and will not stop until it reaches the Courts of Chaos. Dworkin has informed Gérard that the Chaos Wave has caused a steep temporal distortion to occur between the two sides of the Wave. He predicts it will be years before the Elders return and the results of the war become known.

Once the storm had tapered off, Gérard learned that all the Shadow Paths leading into, out of, and between the Golden Circle States had been destroyed. He sent out word that all who believed themselves to be of the Blood were welcomed in Amber. With several years before any of his siblings could possibly return, he'd need help from these unknown or forgotten Amberites.

Several young Amberites appeared, and Gérard organized a dinner to great them and discuss their position. Word of these new Family members has begun to spread. They are Kyrinthic, Neo, Caleb, Michaela, and Sienna. Also recently returned are two Elders who had been away from Amber for ages; Athena and Reanna. Athena is from a marriage before Benedict's birth, and Reanna is Benedict's full sister.
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