I've been GMing Amber since 1992. As time went on, I grew dissatisfied with the structure of the ADRPG rules, as set out by Phage Press. So, I began re-writing portions of it, beginning with a system for Partial Powers. You can check out what I've done in my Revised Amber Manual. There is also a text version and a copy in Word Perfect 5.1 format for downloading.

But after a while, even that began to feel too structured. So, I set about revising my own rules once again. Finally, I decided on a system which combines the feel of Amber with the simple and broad capabilities of FUDGE. So, any who are interested can check out my newest Cor System of Amber. I have also made a page of Amber Trumps, and pages for one night tournaments entitled Conquest of Rebma, Unicorn Hunt, and Assualt on the Keep of Four Worlds.

Like many of you, I like to take a look at what other Amber players have come up with. So, I set up a page of Amber Links which you can follow at your leisure. Note that this list is considerably shortly than it once was.  I've decided that there are other more robust sites with Amber Links, so I'm limiting mine to my favorites.

In my time, I;ve developed a few campaign settings.  These are listed below.

My first PBEM was called Gérard's Regency.  It was based on the following quote:

Gérard's Regency  is back in business.  I still have opennings for a few new players.

My second PBEM was entitied "Stygia". It is set in an Alternate Amber, one totally apart from that portrayed in Zelazny's novels. Check out my Stygia Campaign page for more information. This game is currently out of service...it seem all my players slowly vanished.  I might be persuaded to re-start this campaign if there is sufficient interest.

You can also view information about and alternate Courts of Chaos which I call Chroma.  Please note that Stygia and Chroma were designed to be polar opposites, and thus form a continuum similar to Amber/Courts.  If there is a great deal of interest, I might be persuaded to open a new campaign with this as the setting.

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