Uses the basic Amber Diceless Role-Playing System for 6 to 8 players.

Queen Moire and all her court have vacated the realm of Rebma, leaving a powerful political base ripe for the taking. You are among the few capable enough, and worthy enough, to assume the Rebman Throne. Now, what to do about your competition?

Players should start off with 150 points to spend. Once they make a bid in any particular attribute, they have spent that many points. After the bidding for an attribute is over, the GM will announce the relative rankings of each player. Players can secretly spend more points to match the bids of other players. This would make them a half rank behind that individual in that attribute. If no bid was made, the player can sell down their attribute to Chaos level and gain 10 more points to spend, or sell it down to Human level and gain 25 more points. Human level is very bad, since it means you could be killed instantly by other players.

The Attributes will be auctioned in the following order: Warfare, Strength, Psyche, Endurance. Once the auctions are over, players may spend their remaining points on Powers and Items. If Artifacts are to be auctioned off, their quantity would decide where they would fall during the auction. One artifact would fall between STR and PSY; two between STR and PSY AND after END; three between each attribute; and four after each attribute. Possible artifacts to be auctioned can be found below.

If a player will accept being unlucky, they may take Bad Stuff. One point of Bad Stuff gives the player one point more to spent. Any unspent points will go into Good Stuff, making the character lucky. "Stuff" will be limited to 9 points in either direction.

The job of the GM is to make sure that the created characters total 150 points and to arbitrate all PC conflicts. The only rule of conflicts is: "The person with the higher attributes always wins; unless the other 'cheats' by changing the situation."

Coral Scepter

You have always been a close friend and confidant to Queen Moire. This relationship has always been a secret one, and now you may be able to capitalize on it. A short time ago, Moire gave you this scepter, telling you that it would grant you great power in the near future. In retrospect, you believe this occurred shortly before she and her court disappeared. Now, as you make your way towards Rebma, the powers, abilities, and history of the scepter have begun revealing themselves to your mind.

This scepter was given to Lir, first King of Rebma, by Oberon himself. Soon after the Kingdom of Amber was established, Lir fell into fighting with Oberon, his own brother. After he disappeared, the scepter passed to his son, Triton. On his death, it was passed on to Moire, his eldest child. Moire has been Queen in Rebma ever since. Well, until recently anyway. While you often saw her using it during religious and political ceremonies, you never gave it's overall significance much thought. Now you know that hidden within its form is the First Shadow of the Jewel of Judgement.

The scepter's main power deals with the nature of the water in and around the Kingdom of Rebma. While it can't be used to make the air unbreathable, it can be used to affect the flow, temperature, and current of the waters; much like the Jewel of Judgement controls the weather above the sea.

While this is its most spectacular power, it has a few other powers as well. If displaced, you can sense its direction and distance from you; It can alter and/or control the nature of physical laws in a hundred foot radius; It can provide teleportation to any well-known place; and it can greatly slow down an individual in line of sight and within fifty feet. Depending on the victim's endurance, and the amount of concentration put into it, you might be able to completely paralyze someone who is in range. These powers can be used so long as the scepter is within fifty feet. Note that the distances involved above are measured from the scepter, not you.

Llewella's Mirror

(if from the Courts instead of Rebma, replace Amber with the Courts of Chaos in the paragraphs below.)

You have long been Llewella's secret eyes and ears in Amber, and you've often wondered how she could always find you, no matter how carefully you were trying to hide; not that you ever tried hiding from HER, but sometimes you wished to work in secret. By your calculations, it was just before Rebma was vacated that she came to you.

"I've little time, so pay attention and don't interrupt," she said as she opened a smallish velvet box. Within you saw an intricately designed silver mirror. "Soon, you may have need of this," she went on to say. "This Mirror of Seeing can show you the location and situation of anyone you have previously seen, and any place you have even the briefest descriptions of. With concentration, you will even be able to hear any sounds being made at the location and any conversations being had by the individual you are scrying. Also, because of its nature and powers, it can also be used to reflect energy and magical attacks directly to the one who caused them. You must be careful with this, as the field of deflection only exists in the direction the mirror is facing." She paused, as if listening. "I've told you all I can; the rest is up to you. Use your gifts wisely." With that, she vanished from sight.

When you heard of the vacating of Rebma, you knew what to do. Others may wish to control that realm, but you know Llewella's gift meant that you should take it for yourself.

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