Uses Amber Diceless Role-Playing System for 6-8 players

Knowledge of the Keep has spread, and each PC seeks to take its power for themselves.

Standard Throne War style game with a different setting. Control over the Fount will be auctioned off to the highest bidder (minimum bid is 20 points); Sorcery and/or Trump must be purchased by the winner of such an auction. An Attribute Auction will also be held in the following order: Warfare, Psyche, Strength, Endurance. Characters will have 150 points to spend. "Stuff" will be limited to 9 points either way. Since the charisma aspect of Stuff is virtually worthless, and due to the limited time available, Stuff will be used up as time goes on; each time Good Stuff helps you, and each time Bad Stuff hinders you, it will be marked off until one ends up at Zero Stuff.

Items are limited to a total of 25 points, whether this is in many items or only one. Shadows are not allowed at all; how can one take over the Keep if they are hiding in Shadow? Conjuration is allowed, but time concerns will be strongly enforced. Those with Sorcery should prepare a list of spells they wish to start the game with, up to 25 pre-hung spells; they get a free item which can hold up to this many. Power Words do not Exist.

Fount Control (prereq: win control auction)

Sorcery Powers(requires Sorcery)

Mental Sorcery - The culmination of Sorcerous learning is the ability to do Spontaneous Magic, or Mental Sorcery; thus allowing you to cast any spell which you have ever researched in virtually no time at all. Hanging a spell takes but a minute, if you choose to hang any.

Magic Manipulation - An enhanced ability of the mage is the technique of influencing lines, walls, or areas in which magical energies are already present.

Trump Powers(requires at least Basic Trump)

True Trump Memory - Due to extensive experience, you have mastered the art of identifying the Trump Energies associated with people and places. This allows you to become instantly familiar enough with any place to teleport there, or with a person to contact them.

The Living Trump - You have advanced your art of Trump Artistry to such a point that you are constantly filled with large quantities of Trump Energy. This enables you to utilize all other techniques with little effort or thought. As a side effect, Logrus Masters are well advised not to try hitting you with Logrus Tendrils.

General Powers

Keep Construction - You can manipulate the material and arrangement of the walls and such within the Keep. People with Advanced Pattern, Advanced Logrus or an item with Mold Shadow will be able to fight you for control of a limited part of the Keep, enabling them to eventually escape from structural traps.

Elemental Servants - You have in your service four, and always four, elementals, one of each type. If one is killed during the conflict, you have but to travel to the domain of its element to pick up a new one. Each of these has its advantages.

Earth - P:25 S:50 E:25 W:25
Fire  - P:25 S:25 E:50 W:25
Air   - P:50 S:25 E:25 W:25
Water - P:25 S:25 E:25 W:50

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